5 easy ways to stop your French Bulldog from jumping up

My French Bulldog ​​jumps up against people…

Almost nobody likes it when a dog jumps against him. What is the best way to tackle and break this habit?

One of the most common and frustrating behavioral problems in dogs is jumping on people. This is not only very annoying because of the risk of getting your clothes dirty, but it can also cause injuries to people. But with the tips below you can break this habit to get rid of this very unwanted behavior.

Start at a young age

You’ll probably find it cute: You come home from work or from shopping and the moment you step inside, your Frenchie puppy is so happy that you are home again that he jumps up and wags his little tail. At that young age this is still sweet and fun, but just imagine that this same fluffy ball is mature and weighs around 10 pounds. Then this gets very annoying and you don’t want this anymore. Start to teach your Frenchie from an early age that this behavior is not permitted. After all, your dog will not understand why he was allowed to do this first and not anymore. As always: your Frenchie clearly needs to know his boundaries. 

Make sure that coming home to your Frenchie is a normal thing. There must be no reason for over-enthusiasm. Do not pay attention to him until it is calm and away from the door. He must already learn that he is not rewarded with asking attention or jumping at you. If your Frenchie has become calm and you greet your dog do this gently and calmly. If you do this very enthusiastically, then you teach the dog that it is very normal to be enthusiastic too. CLICK HERE for tips that can also prevent your French Bulldog from developing separation anxiety. 

The SIT command is a very important command to teach your Frenchie. This is the base of having control over the dog and it also indicates that you are the leader. And leadership is something your French Bulldog needs. CLICK HERE to see how you can learn this command quick and easy. If you have succeeded in letting your Frenchie sit, you can give him the command when you see that he wants to jump up on you. And what your Frenchie (and all Frenchies) likes even more is the reward he receives for carrying out the assignment. He will receive that well-earned pat or treat. 

Does your French Bulldog jump against people?

When your Frenchie is jumping against people it can have two reasons. Either it’s his super enthusiasm or it’s dominant behavior. Dogs demonstrate their dominant behavior towards other dogs by ‘standing on them’. The dominant dog then lays its paw on the other dog’s back. Your French bulldog must learn that you are the alpha and that this type of dominant behavior is unacceptable in humans. An easy way to show your Frenchie that you are the alpha leader is when eating. If dogs live in a pack, then the alpha dog eats first. The rest of the pack only starts eating once the leader has indicated that they can also eat. You as a boss can clearly state that you are the alpha leader by ensuring that you first let your Frenchie sit before he gets food. Once he has performed this task, he will receive his food. 

You as the boss determine everything. Every dog ​​wants a leader. Take advantage of this and make sure you rule.

A common mistake that causes your Frenchie to think that jumping is normal is unknowingly rewarding this behavior. What often happens is that the dog, for example, gets a bowl of food or a tasty chew rod, because then he becomes calm. But what you actually do at the time is rewarding him. The dog will think, “You see, my enthusiasm is good! I get food ‘. It is important that you do not do this. Wait until your Frenchie is calm and then perform tasks such as feeding, walking or playing. Make sure you are the boss. 

There are various methods to help your dog jump off. Various methods are described below. Try to find out which method is best for you and your dog. Remember one thing. There is no ‘golden’ method. The best method is the method that suits you and your French bulldog well. 

5 easy ways to stop your French Bulldog from jumping up


When your dog jumps at you, take a step forward at that exact moment and give the command “Down” and then “Sit”. When the dog jumps, it stands on two legs. His balance is gone at that moment and they have trouble keeping that balance. If you take that step forward at that moment, the dog will be really out of balance, which will give him an unpleasant experience. If you continue to do this consistently, ie unbalancing your Frenchie, then he will associate jumping with an unpleasant feeling and the behavior will stop. 

The dance

If your Frenchie jumps on you, grab both his front legs and hold them up. At that point, give him the “Off” command and walk towards him. Because of that step forward, the dog must take a step back or sit down. He is brought out of balance in this way and that does not feel good for him. Keep doing this every time he jumps and he will soon realize that jumping will cause unpleasant feelings and he will stop doing this. 

The belt method.

Put on a dog collar and leash. Make sure the leash hangs loosely enough, but it doesn’t have enough line to jump and put your foot on the leash. Stand up straight and hold a toy or reward in your hand at (your) chest level. Try to get him excited so that he wants to grab the reward. When he tries to grab the toy or reward by jumping, you give him the “sit” command at that moment. The dog is not only corrected by your voice but also by a pull on the leash. The more often you do this, the more often your Frenchie will associate jumping with an uncomfortable feeling. 

The following applies to every parenting method: Be patient and stay consistent.

Turning your back.

If your French bulldog wants to jump on you or is already doing this, you turn your back on him and ignore him completely. Give him the “sit” command. Continue to do this (turn around and let him sit) until he has calmed down. Only reward him when he has executed your command. At that moment you indicate to your dog that this busy behavior is unacceptable and that you ignore him until he has calmed down. Then reward him. 

The knee method.

There are many people who think that the knee method is the best way. The knee method means that the moment your dog wants to jump you raise your knee. Your Frenchie will get your knee in the chest. This brings him out of balance which gives him that bad experience. Whether this is the best way can be disputed (it’s my personal LEAST FAVORITE of all 5). Your Frenchie can also get the knee in the stomach which is extremely painful or the knee can hit his throat. The risk of injury with the knee method is present. So please only use this if the other 4 fail which I’m sure they won’t.

Every dog ​​has a quiet submissive side. It is your job to bring this side up and reward it. It can be a lengthy process. There are dogs that learn super fast, but there are also dogs that can take a long time. The more you teach your French bulldog good behavior and unlearn incorrect behavior, the more you enjoy your dog. Like with every parenting method: Be patient and stay consistent.

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