7 easy steps to make your french bulldog get along with other dogs

7 easy steps to make your french bulldog get along with other dogs.

So you have a Frenchie and you are probably wondering, does he or she get along with other dogs? Maybe you’re thinking of buying a French Bulldog and you want to know if they get along with other dogs. And what are the correct steps to make sure he gets along with other dogs?

So the good news is yes they do get along well with other dogs. Of course, you have to keep in mind that a dog is still a dog and it depends on the character that they have. But for the most part, French bulldogs are very friendly with other dogs. If you are wary or unsure about this, it is better to get an adult instead of a puppy, because you can see his behavior much better then with a little puppy. I myself have a French Bulldog and she gets along very good with other dogs. She has never been aggressive against other dogs when I take her on walks.

7 steps to introduce other dogs:

french bulldog and other dogs

Step 1: Introduce the two dogs on neutral territory:

The best way to introduce your French Bulldog to another dog is to be on neutral territory preferably the outdoors.  it is best that you keep him on the leash and the owner of the other dog keeps his dog on the leash as well. It is best to have a bag with treats with you towards him when he displays good behavior. First, walk up to the other dog until they are close to each other, next if they don’t show any signs of threat or aggression, reward them with a treat and say “you’re a good boy / good girl”.

Pay Close attention to each dog’s body language,  watch them both carefully and look for any indication of a defensive or aggressive response, this can be posture, growling or baring their teeth. If you spot any of these immediately back off and calmly walk backward. close the distance between them again by walking relaxed to the other dog. If this time it goes well,  give them another treat.

Step 2: Let them introduce one-on-one

This may seem obvious but keep the meeting between two dogs only at a time. The more dogs that are present the more likely a fight is going to begin. In the worst case scenario when the two dogs start fighting it is hard enough to separate both of them without other dogs being present. This is why we first introduce them in the outdoors and not in a confined space or at home.

French bulldogs with other dog

Step 3: Try it with the leash off:

Now that you have introduced the two dogs to each other and you know how they behave, it is time to take the leash off. This may seem scary at first,  but most dog trainers do this immediately with the leash off. If you have the tendency to be a “parent” for your Frenchie and you always want to control the situation, you might be pulling the leash and increasing stress on the dog when checking out his new friend.

Of course, you and the other dog owner have to both agree on this because it’s all or nothing,  both dogs should be leash free not one with the leash on and the other with the leash off.

If you are a bit scared of doing this you can always have the leash connected to the collar but leave it on the grounds and not held in your hand. Stay close so that in the event of a fight you can immediately grab the leash and pull the dogs away from each other.

Also keep in mind that dogs always establish their dominance, each owner will think that their dog is a top dog but the hierarchy isn’t determined by us humans.

Step 4. Always remain calm and keep introductions short.

Remain a little distance and don’t hang over the dog or stand right next to him when they start checking each other out. A dog can sense it’s owners stress levels which will increase the risk of an event.

It is important to keep the introductions short,  it’s better to have a couple of short meetings than 1 long meeting. It is better that the dogs get to know each other on a slow pace than over a longer time.

do french bulldogs get along with other dogs

Make an arrangement with the other dog owner on how long the initial meeting will be. Once the dogs get acquainted with each other and start sniffing they will want to keep sniffing and greeting each other for an extended time. You can make an arrangement with the other dog owner to have regular short meetings at first.

Step 5. Have some pre-meeting sniffing going on:

If possible let your Frenchie sniff an object from the other dog before the meeting. This can be several days before this first meeting or a few hours before. I know this isn’t always possible but if you know the other dog owner ask for a toy or a piece of cloth or towel from the other dog,  so your French Bulldog can sniff it as long as he wants.

This will prepare him for the meeting, so he will be familiar with the other dog’s sent when they meet for the first time, this will also make sure he doesn’t see the other dog as a treat.

I hear from a lot of other dog owners especially French bulldog owners that their Frenchie is their baby, But it is important to remember to let your dog be a dog. We often see our Frenchie as a little kid, which they mostly are, but they remain dogs, and dogs behave differently from humans it’s important to keep this in mind.

Step 6. Repeat, repeat, repeat:

Yay your Frenchie has made it, he survived the meeting with the other dog, give yourself and your Frenchie a pat on the back. Ok now depending on how shy or how fearless your  French Bulldog is, it might be possible you have to repeat this process several times before he can feel truly confident around other dogs. Once the confidence has built up you will both feel more relaxed and comfortable when going for a walk.

Some people try to avoid run-ins with other dogs but it is critical for your French Bulldog that he learns how to socialize with other dogs because if they are not introduced to other dogs they may develop a fear later on in life that can be very hard to get rid of.

Step 7. Move the meeting inside your home:

You and your Frenchie has made it this far, congratulations. Now it’s time to take it one step further and introduce the other dog into your house. This step may be more difficult if you don’t know the other dog owner that well but most people have friends with dogs that can come to visit.  

Now that you are on your Frenchie’s territory you will want to make sure that he doesn’t become aggressive or dominant over the other dog. Repeat the same steps as you have taken in the outdoors and by the end, you will have a French Bulldog that is completely friendly the other dogs and we’ll get along just fine with any other canine.

If you want more behavioral tips or anything else regarding your French Bulldog search for it at the top of this website. There are many more articles on taking care of your lovely Frenchie.

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