20 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance for Your French Bulldog

french bulldog insurance

Oftentimes, getting pet insurance is a forgotten part of being a new pet parent. Sometimes pet owners consider pet insurance, but the cost or time it takes to find the right one ends up resulting in never going through with getting it. While getting a new Frenchie is full of excitement and work, getting pet … Read more

French Bulldog Ears: Fact and Tips ... x
French Bulldog Ears: Fact and Tips That Owners Should Know

Common French Bulldog Health Issues

french bulldog health issues at vet

The French Bulldog is a very popular companion dog. Characteristic are the flat, broad nose, the upright ears, and its short, stocky body. This compact exterior has led to many health problems in the breed. Keep reading for more information on the most common hereditary disorders and health issues that your Frenchie may face. The … Read more

Are French bulldogs hypoallergenic?

A question that I get asked a lot is: are French bulldogs hypoallergenic? The bad news is no, a French Bulldog is not hypoallergenic. Very few to no dog breeds are hypoallergenic. There are many people who, despite having an allergy to dogs, still get a French bulldog, I am one of them. Fortunately, there … Read more