5 Ways to Stop Your French Bulldog From Jumping Up

French bulldog jumping up on person

Your French Bulldog won’t stop jumping, and you desperately want to know how to stop this undesired habit! It’s understandable why most people don’t like for a dog to jump on them. However, one of the most common and frustrating behavioral problems in dogs is, you guessed it, jumping on people. This is not only …

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How to Train Your French Bulldog Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Come, & More!

French bulldog training tricks

Teaching your French Bulldog basic dog commands can be a fun and enriching experience. From sit, stay, come, and more, French Bulldogs are brilliant students who can learn all the basics. Training your Frenchie not only teaches them obedience and ensures safety, but it creates a stronger bond between you and your furry family member. …

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How to Train French Bulldogs to Get Along With Other Dogs

Black and brown french bulldogs

Whether you are a new or prospective Frenchie parent or you want to help your French Bulldog play well with other dogs, keep reading for 5 simple but important steps on how to train dogs to get along with other dogs. The fantastic news is that Frenchies typically get along well with other dogs. Training …

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