Pets Apps for French Bulldog Owners

Technology has completely changed the way we live and interact. Not only humans but animals are also benefiting from the change. If you are a French bulldog owner wondering how to take care of a dog, you can check basic pet care apps that help you take better care of your pet. You have a smartphone with you all the time, hence these apps just fit in your phones and work as a help and a guide to treat your pet.

But it’s never easy to find the perfect app that works best for you and your French bulldog. We have listed the best pet apps for French bulldog owners so that you can spend quality time with your dog by simplifying and improving your life. There are apps for everything, from finding the best vets or ordering food for your pet with a transfer through Paybis.

One of the most used and trusted apps for finding yourself some help to watch your dog. Rover offers dog walking services when you are busy and can’t take your dog for a walk. The app works by connecting you to the locals who would be pleased to watch and spend time with your pooch when you’re out. You can find dog walkers, pet boarders, homesitters, and other pet lovers at more than 10,000 locations.

  • GoodPup:

GoodPup is a personal dog training app with personalized training plans designed according to your flexibility. These plans include guided daily training, basic pet care tips and professional dog coaches. French bulldog owners can choose trainers who specialize in training French bulldogs. Users can get individualized, high-quality instructions for just a few dollars. The app offers a free seven-day trial in case you want to use it before paying.

  • Pawprint:

If you are trying to make your dog’s life healthy and happy, Pawprint is just the answer. Your pet care is made simpler with this all-in-one pet health tracker that maintains all of your pets’ health measurements together. The Pawprint app also allows you to request certified medical documents from your veterinarian. As a result, it will be simple to care for your dog in the future since you can always access its medical information. Additionally, this app records all of your dog’s prescriptions, doctor appointments, and immunizations, so you don’t have to write it all down and cross your fingers that you don’t misplace the papers. 

  • BarkHappy:

BarkHappy is social media for dog owners. You can find and connect with people who love dogs and are dog parents just like you. You can quickly look for dog-friendly restaurants, retailers, and hotels. In case of a lost or discovered dog, you can send out alerts to the community to keep an eye out. This app is totally free and available on both Android and iOS.

  • 11pets:

The primary purpose of this app is to provide you with pet care tips and simplify your pet care. With 11pets, you can save your dog’s diet, weight and important health updates. It is beneficial to keep track of your appointments with the vet and vaccination dates. Users love 11pets because it can be easily accessible on numerous devices so that family members can view the information when needed.  

  • Puppr:

If you are looking for a training professional to train your dog, look no further because Puppr has famed dog instructor Sara Carson on board. Puppr is a wonderful alternative for dog owners looking for less formal training options. The app includes training videos, over 100 lessons, and live trainer chat that is usually available 24/7 and all of this is made easier by simply adding a progress tracking feature.

  • Tractive:

Before using this app, you will first have to buy your dog’s Tractive tracker. After that, there are no fees or subscription charges to use the app. You can use the app to track your dog’s whereabouts in real-time, so you never let them get lost. The tracker is rechargeable, and the battery can last up to 5 days. It is one of the best apps for dog owners; you can even create a safe zone like your backyard so that whenever your dog leaves the safe area, you get instant alerts on your smartphone.

  • Bring Fido:

If you are vacationing with your dog for the first time and are nervous about finding pet-friendly hotels and attractions, Bring Fido comes to the rescue. Bring Fido makes it easy for you to enjoy your vacations with your dog by compiling all the pet-friendly hotels, attractions, food stops and almost anything you want. You can locate all of these on the app for free.