The Best French Bulldog Christmas Presents (For Frenchies And Their Owners)

The best French Bulldog Christmas presents

There is something about Christmas that makes you feel all warm and happy inside. Why not share that feeling with your French Bulldog?

Today I want to show you some awesome Christmas presents for your furry friend.

First up are presents for your Frenchie and after that, I’ll show you some perfect Christmas presents for French Bulldog owners.

French Bulldog Christmas presents:

Here are 10 of the most fabulous Christmas presents to present your French Bulldog.

Christmas is the time of giving and why not include your beloved French Bulldog in the spirit of Christmas, he’s part of the family right?

A Cozy Heated French Bulldog Bed.

During the cold winter months, your Frenchie will just love this heated bed. You will see the joy in his eyes when he lays down to sleep in this bed to sleep in it for hours on end.

This electric bed heats to your Frenchie’s standard body temperature of 102°F when he goes to lay on it.

It features a washable cover and the heater is removable. The power consumption is only 6 watts.

A Smart Dog Collar.

Let’s face it, we are on our smartphone every day for extended periods of time. So why not buy one for your French Bulldog? Just kidding, but this Smart Dog Collar is like a smartphone for your Frenchie because it has nationwide GPS tracking, activity monitoring, and sound training. 

French Bulldogs don’t cope well with heat and cold and this collar alerts you when your Frenchie’s environment is too hot or cold, a real lifesaver.

This is the only smart collar with a remote turn-on LED light so you can see and be seen.

It automatically stores vet records and also set health care reminders.

It features a built in thermometer and notifies you when your French Bulldog’s environment is too hot or too cold.

licki mat French Bulldog

A Licki Mat.

This mat keeps your French Bulldog calm and busy while licking his food from it.

If you put a squashed banana or some ice cream, he will be licking it for quite a while before he has eaten everything that was placed on the mat.

Great Christmas present if your French Bulldog is a fast eater.

A Super Deluxe Food Bowl.

A new super deluxe food bowl is the perfect Christmas present to replace that old food bowl with a new cool looking example.

This bowl is specifically made for short nose breeds and is the best food bowl for a French Bulldog.

5lbs Of Smoked Beef Sticks.

All dogs love beef jerky, and French Bulldogs are no different.

These Beef Sticks are a healthy treat and they will keep your Frenchie busy for some time.

This package contains 5lbs so you won’t run out of Beef Sticks any time soon 😁.

A Kong Toy. 

This classic toy makes it super easy to put some delicious food inside, making it a treat for your Frenchie.

Bacon Bubble Machine.

Does your French Bulldog like Bacon? Then is the best present you can get him.

This bubble machine that blows Bacon scented bubbles is the craziest dog Christmas present I’ve ever seen.

Interactive Ball Thrower.

French Bulldogs are not the most active breed but when I start to throw a ball, Kitty (my Frenchie) wants to keep playing fetch until she’s all out of breath.

So this might be a great Christmas present for your French Bulldog.

Interactive Treat Ball.

This really clever toy will keep your French Bulldog entertained and busy.

You fill the ball with his favorite treats and once he starts playing around with it, the treats will slowly fall out.

A guaranteed hit, I would know because I bought one and Kitty loves to play with it for hours on end.

A Super Cozy And Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

All Frenchies love to cuddle up on a soft and cozy blanket, preferably by a fire or other heat source during winter. So why not pamper him by buying this super soft and fluffy blanket.

French Bulldog Owner/Parent presents

Are you a proud Frenchie parent or some of your friends are? Then here are some really cool Christmas presents you can buy for yourself, your loved one or your friend or family member:

A French Bulldog Portrait/Painting

Every French Bulldog owner loves to look at Frenchies all day long, so why not hang a lovely Frenchie painting or portrait in your living room or gift one to a loved one.

A French Bulldog Candle

Candles are romantic and especially if it has the picture of a Frenchie on it. This will set the mood during the holidays.

A French Bulldog Picture Frame

Display a picture of your French Bulldog to everyone who visits. Give it a special place inside your home.

French Bulldog Christmas Ornament

Now you can decorate the Christmas tree with Frenchies thanks to this French Bulldog Christmas Ornament, what a way to spend Christmas evening with friends.

A French Bulldog Mug

The perfect present for French Bulldog parents and lovers.


This classic game of Monopoly has been transformed into a Frenchie theme. Hours of fun guaranteed with this game.

A French Bulldog Sculpture

This beautiful sculpture will stand out in any living room. This is an awesome French Bulldog parent Christmas present.

A French Bulldog Pillow

Decorate your couch or bed with a couple of these French Bulldog pillows. I have several and always get asked where I got these and complimented that they look awesome.

Frenchie Mom Popsocket

Are you a proud Frenchie mom or do you know one? This popsocket says it all.

A French Bulldog Duvet Cover Set

Go to sleep surrounded by one of the coolest dog breeds in the world. Never be alone again at night.