The complete guide to French Bulldog food

The complete guide to French Bulldog food

French Bulldog food: tips and suggestions for good food

When you have a French Bulldog, you pay a lot of attention to the daily care of your Frenchie and you want him to get the best dog food. But what is the best dog food? This is different per dog and per age. Opinions among dog lovers and experts about what good food is are also very different. So see for yourself what you want to buy for your dog and what your Frenchie responds to. I am happy to give you all kinds of dog food tips that you can look out for when buying dog food for your four-legged friend, that you want to give a happy, healthy and energetic life.

Types of dog food

There are different types of dog food. Good nutrition is just as important for a young Frenchie puppy as it is for an older Frenchie. The food that best suits your dog depends on your dog itself. It may be that your French Bulldog reacts to certain foods with diarrhea or an allergic reaction. It is therefore important that you observe how your Frenchie reacts to other dog food. However, that’s not as easy as it looks. It takes time before you find the right dog food for your Frenchie. Finally, you still have specific purebred food for French Bulldogs.

For example, if your Frenchie gets dull skin, then it’s better to try a different type of dog food. Different types of dog food that you can choose from are for example:

Dry food

french bulldog dry food

Dry food is well-known dog food. These keep the teeth of your four-legged friend strong and they also have a long shelf life. There is little water in it and it is important that when you give your dog dry food, you always put fresh water next to it.

Wet food

Wet food french bulldog

Wet food is another name for canned food. This food consists largely of water. The disadvantage of canned food is that dogs cannot chew on it and that can cause tartar. The wet food is often alternated with dry food.

Fresh meat

Fresh meat is something more and more people give to their dogs. Vegetables are not always added. With fresh meat, it is important that it meets the guidelines just like meat for human consumption.

Puppy Food

Puppy food is the food you give to your French Bulldog puppy until he is about six months old. Puppies need more protein and calories to grow. This is all present in the puppy food.


It may sound strange, but manufacturers also add sugar to dog food. If you prefer sugar-free dog food or dog snacks to give your dog, this can be purchased online.

Senior dog food

Senior dog food is given when the dog is about six years old. From this age, French Bulldogs are often less active and move less. In senior dog food, you will find substances that prevent an older dog from getting fatter.

Which dog food do you choose for your French Bulldog?

It is important for your Frenchie and for you as the owner that you feed him well. But what is important with regards to good nutrition for your dog?

  • Make sure your Frenchie gets different kinds of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. Water is very important to them. Fats are important because they give him energy. The minerals are also important because these give your Frenchie good muscle movement. Vitamins are also important for all dogs, so they can make their bodies work better.
  • With the dog food that you want to give to your French Bulldog, it’s good to first go through the ingredient list.
  • Make sure your Frenchie doesn’t have an allergy. Some dogs cannot handle grains and corn, for example. Sometimes you notice that dogs eat more after eating certain dog food. This could indicate an allergy. You could then try to give him other dog food and then see what the difference is in ingredients. One French Bulldog is more sensitive to certain ingredients than another.
  • More and more people give their Frenchie meat. Dogs are omnivores and most French Bulldogs like meat.
  • The type of dog food you choose depends on age and other factors. It must in any case consist of six food groups with their own maintenance purpose. These are:
  1. water (the transport for nutrients)
  2. carbohydrates (provide energy)
  3. proteins (ensure the build-up and repair of tissues)
  4. fats (provide energy and ensure good condition of the coat and skin)
  5. minerals (ensure bones, teeth and metabolism)
  6. vitamins (responsible for the biochemical processes)

Different opinions about dog food

Opinions about dog food can vary widely. Some people only want to give their Frenchie fresh meat, others are against it and are only for the regular dog food. You want some advice, don’t get persuaded and don’t get involved in discussions ๐Ÿ˜‰. The point is that you have an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what is good for your dog. If you have an active French Bulldog, you can see which dog food suits you best. In addition, French Bulldogs also like to eat. Some French Bulldogs like variety when it comes to nutrition. But note that not every Frenchie can handle variation! Some of them have very sensitive intestines and develop diarrhea with a change in food.

Help my French Bulldog โ€‹โ€‹doesn’t want to eat, what now?

French Bulldog elimination diet

It is possible that your Frenchie does not want to eat at all for a certain period. Maybe you already have the same dog food for a fixed period. It may be that your dog has gotten bored with it. After all, we don’t like to eat the same thing every day do we? If you switch to a different diet, switch slowly. Mix it little by little every day with the already known food. Your Frenchie can then get used to it. His body, in particular, has to get used to getting different food.

Note: If you switch from dry food to meat, it is not wise to mix that. Often it is better to go over in one go in this case.

Dog food and allergy

When choosing dog food, there are various aspects that you should pay attention to. When you know that your French Bulldog has an allergy, it is good to see which ingredients are present in the food. Always pay attention to the age of your Frenchie. A puppy needs more protein than an older dog.

If he is allergic to certain proteins, try Hypoallergenic dog food. With this food, you are sure that it does not contain proteins for which your dog is allergic.

If your Frenchie is allergic to certain types of grain, try Grain-free dog food.

Offering dog food to your French Bulldog

If you offer dog food to your dog, there are several aspects that you should take into account.

Feed Bowl

Should the feed bowl be at height or not? For most French Bulldogs it is better to eat at heights.

A feeding bowl and drinking bowl at height makes it easier for your dog to eat and swallow.


Does your Frenchie gobble his food when eating? Then it is important that you offer food in a different way, so he cannot eat it in one go. There are special slow feed bowls that you can use for this. When eating from this slow feed bowl your dog has to work longer for his food, gets mentally tired and will not get the chance to be shocked.

You can really help your Frenchie with a slow feed bowl. For example, this highly rated Slow Feed Bowl


It is important your Frenchie rests for an hour after eating. Sometimes even an hour and a half are recommended. It is often better to first walk with him and only then offer the food. In the morning you could also first let the dog out so that he can do his needs. Then you feed him and then after an hour or an hour and a half you can take the long walk. If you go out early in the morning to work, you can also first take a quick walk and then offer the food.

Number of times to eat per day

How often you feed your French Bulldog per day depends on the routine you have. But also how he reacts to it and how old he is. You feed a puppy more often per day than an adult dog. In the beginning, a puppy often gets food four times a day. Then three times a day and after a while will often go back to twice a day. Most people feed their Frenchie in the morning and in the evening.

Amount of dog food

Adjust the amount of dog food to the needs of the dog. If you have an active Frenchie, it may well be that you give him a little more to eat than when he has a quiet day.

Do not just stick to the advised amount of dog food on the package

Often it is said that you can look at the weight of the dog on the package and then have to give so many grams of dry food (or other food) or meat per day. But some French Bulldogs need more and others need less. Therefore, judge for yourself what amount he needs.

Order dog food online

With a wide choice of dog food, you can now view online at your leisure which food is for sale online. Pay close attention to the description of the food that you are going to buy. Check the packaging for which dogs the food is suitable for, which breed (and also the size of the dog), for what age and the amount of food per bag. Some brands are available in large and small quantities. Larger bags are often cheaper. Ordering online gives you a large number of benefits, such as same-day delivery and you don’t have to carry the dog food yourself!

So there you have it, the complete guide to French Bulldog food, I hope you learned something. As always, if you need any help or want to have a chat, contact me.

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