Buying or adopting a French bulldog?

It’s decided: you want a cute Frenchie in your life! But what is the best choice? Is a puppy an unwritten blank page? Do all shelter dogs have problems due to their history? What should we consider, or what have we not even thought of? Read on to see what would suit you best.

You want to buy a French Bulldog puppy

… because:

– you want a blank page

– you want to be able to fully control the dog

– you want to control everything in its development

French bulldog puppy

Unfortunately, you are wrong!

Much of the character of the puppy is determined even before you purchase the puppy: character features, genetics, how the mother educates and shows, how people and animals that the puppy lives with interact with him, to which objects and sounds he is exposed …

Think carefully about which puppy you choose and ask for professional advice. Sites and books usually paint a very positive picture. Veterinarians, trainers, groomers, asylum staff, and behavioral specialists know French bulldogs very well and also know the difficulties. Do not put your head in the sand for this.

Among my friends, I know many people who made the wrong choice:

“If I had known everything in advance …”

Unfortunately, you cannot turn back the clock. A dog is for life and not some object that can be thrown away when it doesn’t work out the way you imagined it. Unfortunately, there are countless owners that tie their dogs to a tree or, even worse, just because they can’t deal with the dog’s health issues or character…

The socialization period in dogs lasts from 3 to 12 weeks. Experience in this period has a major impact on the basic confidence of your Frenchie pup and partly determines whether problems arise later in life. At least 5 weeks of this take place at the breeder. The puppy you buy is anything but an unwritten magazine.

Tip: Choose a good breeder, ask critical questions, and meet the puppy’s parents. These will teach you much more about the future of your French bulldog puppy than the puppy itself. At the age of 8 weeks, we cannot yet draw well-founded conclusions regarding character.

Frenchie pups are easy and quick to train. This is easier than with an adult French bulldog. You can also learn everything right from the start, and you should not pay for mistakes made by previous owners. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned factors, difficulties can arise. Pups that are extremely anxious, aggressive, or sensitive at a young age cannot be turned into something completely different. You can, however, learn how to deal with it. You learn what he needs to be happy, and that can sometimes be something completely different from what you had in mind before.

Having everything under control is never possible. At crucial moments in its development, something can always happen that traumatizes your Frenchie, such as a stray dog ​​that bites, children throwing bombs, or someone who wants to show how to correct a dog;… You can’t prevent everything as an owner even if you try your best.

Tip: Do you want to do everything to give your French bulldog puppy the best chances to turn out to be a good, social dog? Then as early as possible, take part in puppy lessons in small groups where you learn about upbringing, behavior, and socialization. As a new French bulldog owner, you sometimes have many questions. The first weeks are also the most crucial, and good guidance makes a world of difference.

What are good reasons for choosing a Frenchie puppy?

– If you have other pets, such as a cat or rabbit, and want the dog to not see them as prey.

– If you want to buy a dog for a certain task (tracking dog, hunting dog, …)

– you enjoy raising a puppy and do not want to miss this unique period for anything in this world.

You want to adopt a Frenchie from the shelter because:

– You feel sorry for this poor thing, sitting there abandoned by its previous owner.

– Puppies are a lot of work; you want to make it easy for yourself.

– Want to give back to the world by giving a cute creature a better life?🙏

You have the wrong picture of shelter dogs…

Adopting a french bulldog

There are very reliable and stable dogs in the shelter, but there are always people who prefer to take home the poorest dog with the greatest difficulties out of compassion.

Compassion should not be the reason for choosing a French bulldog unless you are willing to possibly adjust your entire life to the needs of this animal.

The poorest creatures deserve a chance, despite their behavioral problems, but this has a huge impact on our lives.

Suddenly, visitors must always be announced and behave like this and that and so on. Going on holiday doesn’t seem possible because he has a fear of abandonment or you are afraid to take him with you in the car;… You have to pay attention in your own house to how you behave towards the dog.

These are just a few examples. Of course, everything can be better than expected, and the dog can open up to you completely, but what if that is not the case?

Are you ready for this? Truly ready?

I don’t want to sound like a heartless person, and I truly believe that every (Frenchie) dog deserves a second chance, but I want to show people to really think this through and be aware of the possible hurdles associated with it…

If so, very beautiful! If not, look further. Perhaps the ideal French bulldog is a puppy.

It’s true that puppies are a lot of work. You have to teach them to be house-trained, learn to bite the correct objects, learn to sit, lie down and stay away; they cannot be alone for long, … However, this can also be true for a dog that you adopt, but these problems last longer to make adjustments. These should, therefore, be considered before the purchase.

A French bulldog, and any dog for that matter is always a lot of work, he needs attention, exercise, care and time. If you do not have this, it is better to choose a different pet.

Everything is about making the right choice. You can get to know dogs that you can visit at the shelter much better in advance, but you cannot predict everything.

When I adopted my first French bulldog, for example, I did not know that she had food allergies and therefore had to receive special, expensive food. I also did not know that she was suffering from fireworks fright.

What I did know was that she was social towards people, that she knew politeness and respect, that she understood the body language of other dogs and could correctly respond to it, that she was potty trained, and that despite little exercise, she did not tend to hyperactivity. She also turned out to be the dog of my dreams!

To be able to properly choose a dog from the shelter, it can help to consult someone impartially. Someone with knowledge of behavior, known issues, and body language. Independent advice means that you receive a neutral assessment. We quickly fall in love with a cute face. However, if you want more certainty about a happy family dog, then this is not the only measure.

In any case, choose a Frenchie that fits your lifestyle (e.g. Must be able to be alone, need a lot of exercise or not (French bulldogs aren’t active, so most won’t like exercise), and should like to play with the children) and budget and that the whole family supports. It may be wise to write all of this out on paper before you go to the shelter as a guide for your choice. This way you prevent an impulse purchase.

A dog is a commitment for life. Dogs that are brought back to the shelter have more chance of euthanasia and less chance of adoption. For example, the dog may develop an attachment problem due to repeated distance. This is not a favorable solution for the welfare of the animal. In addition, most people use this as an excuse to adopt a dog that they actually know does not suit them. If you are unsure, go back and visit him again a few days later. Letting it sink in overnight can do wonders.

What are good reasons to adopt a dog?

– You want more certainty about the final character of your dog

– You want to make the world a little better by saving a life, but you also have the patience to look for a dog that really fits

– You want an older dog who is already quiet

So there you have it, it is totally up to you and your lifestyle and expectations to adopt a Frenchie or buy a French bulldog. I hope this article can guide you in your decision to adopt or buy.