Can you take French bulldogs on long walks?

Can you take French bulldogs on long walks?

There a lot of future Frenchie owners that are avid walkers, and I get this question quite a lot: Can you take French bulldogs on long walks? So I thought it would be better to write a post about it for everyone to read.

The short answer is yes you can take a French bulldog on long walks. The long answer is there are some factors to consider if you want to take your French bulldog on long walks.

Breathing problems

There are a lot of Frenchies that suffer from BOS, and other breathing related problems. If your French bulldog suffers from any of these problems you won’t be able to take long walks because your Frenchie won’t be able to breathe normally and this can result in all sorts of other problems.

If you are on the hunt for a French bulldog puppy make sure you go to a reputable breeder to minimize the risk of getting a puppy that has or develops health problems. Of course buying from a reputable breeder doesn’t guarantee that your pup will never develop health problems.

Atopy between the tows

A lot of French bulldogs (including my own) suffer from atopy, and this sometimes causes inflammation between the tows which in turn will give discomfort to severe pain when your Frenchie is walking. Don’t take your Frenchie on (long) walks when he has inflammation induces by atopy, you will only cause a lot of pain for your poor French bulldog. 

Too hot

Dogs are much more sensitive to the summer heat than people, especially French bulldogs. Their flat snout reinforces the breathing problem and they can only lose their warmth through their soles. A walk at the warmest moment of the day or leaving your Frenchie in the car, even if it is only 5 minutes, is not wise.

Heat stroke in dogs

The normal temperature of a dog is 39 degrees, but if they get a heat stroke that temperature can rise to 42 degrees or more. When the temperatures rise in the summer, the water and sugar reserves of a Frenchie evaporate faster, which can lead to various health problems and can even cost his life in the short term.

Symptoms of heatstroke

How do you know if your Frenchie has sunstroke? Heat stroke can be recognized by the following symptoms:

  • Breathing is faster than normal and their heart rate is high
  • The gums and their tongue change to a bluish color
  • Your Frenchie struggles to move, stumbles and falls often
  • Muscle vibrations
  • Change in the saliva
  • Small blood stains appear on the skin

Help your Frenchie on hot days

The most important tip is: never leave your Frenchie in a car or on the balcony in the sun and do not do any heavy activities. In many situations, you can lower the body temperature of your Frenchie and prevent overheating.

  1. Provide sufficient drinking water
  2. Provide sufficient shady and cool places.
  3. Do not plan a long walk during the day, but do it early in the morning or late in the evening.
  4. Does your dog like to play? Take a break on time. If he is too excited, he can get overheated very quickly.
  5. Give him ice cream on hot summer days. Yum!
  6. Wet the feet of your Frenchie
  7. Put a wet towel on the belly of your Frenchie (not on the back !!)
  8. Use a fan in the house
  9. Try to plan the feeding moments in the morning and evening.



Water does the trick! Not only for drinking, but also for cooling the body from the outside. For example, put a foot bath in the garden. Then you can walk in and out of Frenchie whenever you want. You can also occasionally wet his belly. Rather not the back, because if he then again runs into the sun there is a chance that the water starts to brood under the hair and that in turn causes extra heating. Make sure that the water is not ice cold! The drinking water must not be too cold either, because that causes stomach problems.


No long walks with my Frenchie?

If you still want to go on a long walk with your French bulldog then here are a few tips:


If you go walking in a forest, there is lots of shade from the trees and it’s generally cooler under the trees, so that is more enjoyable for your Frenchie. 

Near water

If you go on a long walk, make sure there is some water along the way like a river, a lake or a pond. This way your Frenchie can cool down. But remember to keep a close eye on him because French bulldogs can’t swim.

Walking gear

If you go for a long walk, it is wise to be well prepared to go out. Here are 8 must-haves for your dog’s hiking gear.

Do you go for a forest or mountain walk? Good preparation is always handy.

Dog boots

Dog boots protect your French bulldog’s paws. And how nice is it if they look exactly like yours? Go for the Wuxian waterproof dog boots, check the price on Amazon.

Reflective dog coat

A reflective or brightly colored dog coat ensures that your French bulldog’s coat does not get wet during a sudden rain shower. This way you prevent hypothermia. The added benefit is that you and your Frenchie will be seen when conditions are bad. CLICK HERE for the one I use personally, I have the NEON YELLOW.

Foldable food and drink bowl

A food and drink bowl that takes up little space is really very handy! You can attach this food and drink bowl to a belt or bag. That way you’ll never forget him again. CLICK HERE for a suitable one.

Backpack for the dog

You can easily store your’s hiking accessories in this dog backpack. The backpack is located on both sides of the harness. Distribute the weight equally on both sides so that your dog does not have any problems walking. THIS ONE by Outward Hound fits French bulldogs.

Label hanger

You may not want to think about it, but if your dog runs away in the forest, a label hanger with the name of your dog and your contact details is suddenly super handy! I use THIS ONE.

LED Collar

A light in the dark is not a luxury. A LED collar, is the perfect solution to be visible to others. CLICK HERE for an amazing Frenchie LED collar.

Hands-free walking line

If you go for a long walk, walking all day with a belt in your hand is not attractive. Therefore choose a hands-free walking line that you attach around your hips. This way you have your hands free to take pictures of your dog or nature. I use THIS ONE with pleasure, it gives me freedom when walking my Frenchie and gives me the freedom to use my hands



It’s better to avoid long walks with a French bulldog if they suffer from some of the health issues listed above that prevent them from taking these long walks. They also don’t do well with hot summer days. All things considered, most French Bulldogs are not made for long walks, there are many other breeds that are perfect for long walks, but on the other hand, if you have a healthy Frenchie and it’s not the middle of summer you can take him on a long walk.

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