How often should you wash a French bulldog?

How often should you wash a French bulldog?

How often you have to wash your Frenchie depends primarily on the type of coat. You do not have to wash your French Bulldog regularly if he has a healthy skin and coat. But daily activity also plays a major role: if he likes to roll in the mud, jump into the water, or if the skin starts to ‘smell’, then, of course, you would bathe him immediately.

Why wash your French bulldog?

The purpose of a wash is to prevent grease and dirt in the fur from getting tangled up or the skin pores from becoming clogged. And of course also to give your Frenchie a freshly washed, shiny coat. Regularly grooming and brushing your French bulldog can remove some of the dirt in the coat, but from time to time a thorough wash is necessary for proper coat care.

Please note: because the skin of a dog differs greatly from human skin, you should under no circumstances use normal human shampoo to wash your dog.

It is therefore important to choose the right shampoo, tailored to the type of coat and skin that your dog has. French bulldogs have dry skin so use dog shampoo for dry skin. For Frenchies with sensitive skin, there is a special dog shampoo for sensitive skin.

Brush first, then wash!

Brushing and combing the dog regularly prevents dirt from sticking in the fur. You remove loose hair, dirt and parasites, and the blood flow to the skin is stimulated. This creates a healthy and shinier coat.

French bulldogs have short, thick or silky hair and should be brushed with a brush for short hair dogs.

Does your French bulldog suffer from tangles in his coat? Then you should use some anti-tangling spray during the brushing session. Tip: brush against the direction of hair growth while spraying some anti-tangling spray over the fur for optimum results.

Regardless of which breed or type of dog, brushing should be done much more often than washing. Both short-haired and long-haired dogs must be brushed from time to time. In general: the more you do this, the better!

How often should you wash a French bulldog??

If your Frenchie has healthy, normal skin, all you have to do wash him up to 4 times a year. Too much washing is certainly not good, because the skin can become irritated. But a lot depends on the daily activity of your Frenchie. Does he often play outside? Then you will want to brush him if he is dirty.

French bulldogs with a white or light-colored coat need to be washed more often than others. This dog shampoo for white hair is the best shampoo for white dogs.

Of course, you choose whether (and how often) you want to bathe your dog. The coat can quickly take on an unpleasant odor because the remains of branches, mud or leaves from the garden get stuck in the coat. It is also a lot more pleasant to have a โ€œfreshโ€ smelling dog at home.

How should I wash my French bulldog?

Together in the bath with a swimming cap on of course! Just kidding, a swimming cap is not necessary and taking a bath together is also not an option, but what you can do is put some cotton wool in your French Bulldog’s ears. This way you prevent water or soap from flowing into your ears.

This is how you were your French bulldog:

  • First, wet your Frenchie with clean water at a lukewarm temperature. Cover the eyes, nose, and ears.
  • Rub his neck and back with a little shampoo and massage it well into the coat.
  • Let the shampoo work in and then rinse everything thoroughly. Make sure that all remains of the shampoo are washed out and that nothing is left behind. Residues can cause skin irritation.
  • Let him shake his coat well.
  • Dry your freshly washed friend with a special towel for dogs and/or hairdryer.
  • groom the coat well. If necessary, use anti-tangling spray.
  • Finish off with a little cleansing lotion for all coat types.

Tip: especially in winter you should dry your Frenchie well and do not let him dry in a place where it is draft to avoid a cold.

Dry with a hairdryer or not?

You can certainly use a hairdryer, but do not use hot air to avoid static electricity. Brush your French bulldog’s hair while drying. Drying the dog can also be done perfectly with a special towel for dogs.

Help, I don’t have time to wash!

Sometimes life is too busy and you don’t have time to bathe your Frenchie. No problem: you simply apply a quick beauty moment with dry (no water) products such as dry shampoo, which is best to use during brushing. The advantage is that you do not have to rinse this with water.

Time for a bath! Which shampoo should I use for my French Bulldog?

Just like with humans, I recommend washing your Frenchie one after the other with 2 different shampoos for the best result and an ultra-glossy coat. First use a shampoo according to hair type and finally, a shampoo matched to the color of the coat.

After these washes, you can use a cream rinse or conditioner. This product restores the protective layer of fat on the skin.

French bulldogs belong to the breed with the short and smooth hair.

Dogs with this type of coat shed more often than other types because they have a thick coat and the hairs are close together. The skin does not allow much oxygen to get through. It is therefore advised to brush the coat a few times a week.

 This is possible with the brush for dogs with short hair. Sprinkle the coat using detangling short hair gloss spray and brush the coat with a glove or a comb with long teeth.

The washing

Frequency: once a month. Dogs with white fur need to be washed more often.

Which products do I need?

  • First, use the shampoo for dogs with short hair for a mild but thorough cleaning.
  • Wash your Frenchie again, now with a shampoo that fits the color of the coat (black, white or red-brown).
  • Finally, use rinse cream for dogs with short hair. This restores the protective layer of fat and the volume of the coat.

Special cases: puppies

For puppies, there is special puppy shampoo. It is advisable to have your French bulldog puppy get used to the regular washes from the very start (normally from the age of 3 months). The sooner you start this, the sooner he will accept coat care treatments.

Here too the following applies: the more you brush your puppy, the better. Immediately teach him that the brush is not a toy. If he tries to bite it, stop grooming him for a minute and start over.

Some tips for washing your puppy:

  • Wash the puppy in the sink or in the bathtub. Use lukewarm water and special puppy shampoo
  • talk smoothly during brushing or washing your puppy and pat him on his back
  • Beginning by making him slightly wet before you apply the shampoo
  • The head can best be washed last. He must get used to it first
  • Rinse the shampoo thoroughly after washing. Residues that are left behind can cause irritation
  • Drying is done with a special towel or with a hairdryer (no warm air!) 
  • Only let it play again when he is completely dry
  • Make sure he cannot slip during the grooming process or during washing.

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