Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much? Causes & Solutions

Flatulence in French Bulldogs can be quite annoying. If you have a Frenchie, you may be wondering why French Bulldog farts are so often and smelly.;

It may not be the most pleasant topic, but there is some valuable information about why this happens so often and what to do about it.

Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much?

Your French Bulldog farts a lot and you must know why. I can’t blame you!

While this doesn’t happen to all Frenchies and it’s not always so regular, a lot of times it is and the smell can be so bad you really may think there is a bigger issue. Knowing why may help you as a pet-owner feel a little bit better about it.


Flatulence occurs when gas accumulates in the intestines. The gas is created when intestinal bacteria process the food that the dog has received. Gas formation is very normal, but gas must also leave the body. This often happens in the form of a badly smelling fart.

Keep in mind that like humans, this happens to every dog. While French Bulldogs farts are extra smelly, farts are not exclusive to Frenchies. Older dogs experience flatulence more than younger dogs. An occasional passing of gas is normal.

When it becomes persistent and extra smelly, that’s when you should look more into why and treatment.

Food Sensitivity or Allergy

Regular flatulence can indicate that your Frenchie is sensitive to a certain food. Many dogs are sensitive or allergic to beef protein, chicken meat, or dairy.

If this is the case with your Frenchie, their gastrointestinal tract gets upset and results in a bubbled belly, flatulence, and sometimes diarrhea after consuming one of these foods.

This can also manifest itself in skin complaints, such as itching and rash.

If you are giving your Frenchie table-food, your dog is certainly sensitive to these foods. In addition, many of our own meals are not suitable for the dog’s stomach. Dogs’ stomachs do not agree with the ingredients in our food which make it spicy, sweet, or salty. Be sure you are giving your dog appropriate dog food, more on that later.

Other Stomach Issues

Unfortunately, French Bulldog farts can also indicate an irritated or inflamed intestinal tract. If symptoms persist for more than a week, your dog starts to have diarrhea, or your dog’s stool has blood in it, immediately contact your veterinarian.


Some dogs eat very quickly, or gobble, and doing this causes them to gulp air. Then, air bubbles travel through the esophagus, stomach, and intestines before leaving again as a strong and sometimes smelly “wind”.

If your Frenchie is a gobbler, a slow feed bowl is a great option.

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Food is a huge component of Flatulence. French Bulldog farts, and all dogs for that matter, are more prevalent when their diet consists of a lot of soy beans, peas, dairy, and high-fat products. Check ingredients and change food if needed. Remember that dogs should not consume dairy.

Is my Dog in Pain?

When French Bulldogs fart, they are releasing built up gas. As this passes through them, they may experience discomfort or stomach cramps in their belly, just like with humans.

We can sometimes tell if they are not feeling right by their behavior. They may either start acting out or eating unusual objects. Remember, our fur babies have no words to express how they’re feeling. If you notice these behaviors, consult your vet.

How Can I Make it Stop?

To resolve long-term flatulence in French Bulldogs, you should most importantly consider its diet. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my dog’s food easy to digest?
  • Is this food complete with important vitamins and minerals?
  • Does the food contain a lot of starch or grains?
  • Does my dog also have flatulence with other types of food?
  • Is my dog perhaps allergic or hypersensitive?
  • Does my dog have any more complaints?

A well-fed French bulldog has a healthy gastrointestinal tract and a strong immune system. Yet no dog is the same when it comes to food.

One performs best with a certain type of high-quality kibble, another may best digest fresh meat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of food. The fact that your dog appears sensitive to a certain type of food does not mean that he has to use hypoallergenic food.

Changing my Frenchie’s Diet

Are you going to change your Frenchie’s diet? If so, do this gradually because dogs’ gastrointestinal tract is sensitive and needs time to get used to it. You can mix new food with less and less of the old food until their meal consists of only their new food.

Give new foods or diets a couple of weeks before making your conclusion if it works or not. This allows for a proper adjustment time.

If the problem gets worse, you should return to the old diet. If it gets worse or persists at the same rate, contact your vet.

Can I Prevent it?

French Bulldog farts can be so displeasing to the human family members and may also not be pleasant to your pup, so, it’s ideal to prevent it in the first place. Again, diet is crucial and is usually the best way to avoid flatulence in the first place.

For most dogs, avoiding people’s food, dairy, and bad carbs (soy, corn, and wheat) is the key to a proper diet.

As soon as you get your new Frenchie, look for foods with these ingredients:

  • Protein
  • Good carbohydrates and grains from fruit, vegetables, rice, oats, and barley
  • Healthy fats found in meat and oils (omega-3, omega-6, fish oils)
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Water

Some dogs may need limited-ingredient foods like this one by Natural Balance.

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Avoid foods with the following:

  • Extracts from meat: choose food with real meat
  • Preservatives (BHA and BHT)
  • Artificial colors (Blue 2, Red 40, Yellow 5 and 6, 4-MIE)
  • Gluten
  • Corn syrup
  • White flour

It may be inevitable that your senior Frenchie is going to fart more than you’d like. This is because older dogs’ bodies become less able to process and digest certain foods. In this case, provide them with the best food that you can. And, always contact your vet if you need to.