20 reasons get insurance for your French Bulldog

There are many pros and cons when it comes to taking out a dog insurance policy.

What are the reasons to consider insuring your French Bulldog for high medical costs? In this post, all the pros of a dog insurance policy are addressed. So that you can make a well-considered choice to insure your French Bulldog or not.

20 reasons get insurance for your French Bulldog:

  • insurance policy Dog insurance: You want certainty
    You want to know for sure that if something happens to your dog, your dog will get the care it needs. Imagine if your dog has an accident or if you need other emergency care, then you want to be able to go directly to the vet in an emergency and not to discuss the costs prior to an emergency operation. A dog insurance policy provides security.
  • You don’t have the money to pay in one go.
    Unfortunately, every dog ​​can get sick and even get chronically ill or have an accident. The costs of a treatment can then increase considerably. Amounts between 2000 and 5000 dollars are very common. If your own money box is not big enough to pay for expensive treatments, then dog insurance is a solution for your French Bulldog if it is necessary to be able to offer that expensive care.
  • A small amount per month
    You can have dog insurance for an amount between 10 and 30 dollars per month for your Frenchie. Those costs are manageable, especially if you compare them with the amount that you would have to pay in one go. If you assume the average lifespan of 12 to 14 years for French Bulldogs and you pay 20 bucks per month for 10 years, then that will cost you a total of 2400 dollars. With one expensive treatment you already have the costs of the dog insurance covered.
  • Saving up for the care of your French Bulldog is way too slow
    You can choose to put the money in a piggy bank every month instead of paying a premium. But that takes a lot of time and it’s probably not enough. To give an example. If your French Bulldog has an allergy that causes problems or has to undergo a major operation, amounts between 3000 and 4000 dollars are very normal. If you set aside 20 dollars per month, then after two years you will only have 480 dollars in your piggy bank. From a financial point of view, you cannot compete with insurance.


  • You prefer to save your savings for other things You
    may have the money, but you do not intend to spend your savings on high medical costs. You prefer to spend your savings on the fun things in life, things that you cannot insure. If your dog urgently needs costly medical help, you have arranged your affairs.
  • You simply do not like risks
    The average coverage of a dog insurance with medical costs is between 2000 and 5000 euros per year. Why would you run the risk of paying thousands of euros from your own pocket if you don’t have to?
  • You think it is your responsibility to guarantee care for your dog
    . As the owner, you are responsible for the happiness and well-being of your dog. Maybe you have enough money now, but whether it will still be like that in five years? You have no idea. That’s why you think it’s just a matter of taking responsibility, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of your closest friend.
  • Your dog is still young and the premium is therefore lower
    If a puppy insures your dog immediately, it means that the investment costs are relatively low and you hopefully spread the costs over a long and happy dog’s life. The older your dog, the higher the risk of medical interventions. If you start insuring your dog at a later age, you therefore pay a higher premium per month. That is why it may be a wise decision to immediately take out insurance for your new roommate.
  • Money should not play a role in life and death decisions
    Many veterinarians report that dog owners sometimes decide to put their dog to sleep because they simply do not have the money to save the dog. Money may not play a role for you when it comes to decisions about life and death. Your dog’s health is not something you want to weigh up and weigh, so you buy peace of mind with taking out a dog insurance policy.


  • You just like to spread costs
    Apart from whether you have the money for expensive interventions or not, you just like to spread the costs for potentially expensive expenses. Maybe you end up paying just as much or maybe even more, but at least you don’t have the damned that you have a sick pet and also have to turn over your entire money box to provide all the medical care that your dog needs at that time. is needed.
  • A dog can also benefit from advanced medical care.
    Medical is increasingly possible from MRI scans to chemotherapy. The new technology allows you and your dog to not only stay alive longer, but also to keep the quality of life of your dog as high as possible. That is worth something to you.
  • The veterinarian is becoming more and more expensive in recent years
    Because care for people and animals is innovating and getting better, better and more complex treatments are possible. Also for your dog. The veterinarian therefore has more advanced equipment in-house and must constantly stay up to date with the latest medical developments. That also requires an investment from the veterinarians that you, as a dog owner, will contribute to, whether you like it or not.
  • There is always a chance that you will have to incur high costs.
    Even if you have a healthy dog, even if you have a purebred dog from the best breeder. An accident is also in a small corner for your dog. Your dog can be injured in any way. Depending on the severity, this entails high costs. You don’t want to have the illusion that it will never happen to your dog and you are at least financially prepared for the worst.
  • Many costs are covered in the early years of your dog
    Vaccinations, deworming cures, during the first years of your dog’s life you regularly visit the vet. Many insurance policies reimburse the costs that you incur in the first years of life. In those cases, the dog insurance policy that you have taken out is immediately profitable. If you want to be sure, study and compare the different policies. Because there are many differences in what is and is not reimbursed.


  • You know that your dog is getting older and that it entails risks.
    Nothing in life is certain, but as your dog gets older the chance of chronic diseases is much higher than in humans. A dog can also get diabetes and although it is easy to treat, the costs are high and from the moment of diagnosis, the bill keeps coming. By taking out a pet insurance policy as quickly and as early as possible, you can also anticipate your dog’s old age and the possible risks of extra costs. Because in old age you certainly don’t want to leave your dog to his fate.
  • That you might pay more is also a reason to be happy
    Insurance does not always deliver net on what they have cost. So it’s not always a simple calculation. Insurances are there to offer us the certainty that we can pay if we have to incur really high costs. Of course, at the end of the journey, it appears that you have paid more insurance premiums than you actually needed. This is the concept of every insurance. But that you do not have to use the insurance is also a good sign: your dog has had a long, happy and healthy life without expensive and annoying medical procedures.
  • You know exactly which costs are covered and which are not covered
    Each policy states what is covered and what’s not. It is entirely clear to you that there are also costs that an insurer does not, or only partially, reimburse. In fact, you can choose whether or not to include certain things under the policy. This way you make the decision yourself how much you want to lose per month, what you do or do not want to insure.
  • Your dog is a full-fledged family member and deserves the best
    A dog is not just a dog for many people. It is a full member of the family and many people even see their dog as their child. If you think your dog deserves the very best, then with insurance you literally take the risk for the uncertain.
  • You have several dogs and therefore run more risk.
    If you have several dogs, an investment in insurance may be wise. With more dogs, you simply run more risk of running into the high costs of treatment. Suppose you have three dogs, the costs seem extremely high. You would pay a premium of 720 euros a year, but if one of your dogs becomes chronically ill or has an accident, then it is well worth the investment.
  • Nothing as annoying as worrying about money when you are emotional
    A dog that is sick does enough emotionally. You worry about your dog and you don’t want any worries about peppery bills. If you can take those worries away in advance, it saves you a lot of extra stress, so that you can fully focus on the health and recovery of your animal.

As you can see it is a good decision to take insurance for your French Bulldog because if he ever needs any mayor surgery you will be thousands of dollars out of pocket. Accidents do happen and you will sleep better knowing your Frenchie is insured in the event something bad happens.


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