French Bulldog Lifespan: Everything You Should Know

Whether you are looking to get a French Bulldog or you are already a proud Frenchie parent, one thing we all have in common is that we want to be aware of the French Bulldog lifespan and we want to keep our furry family members with us for as long as possible.

French Bulldogs live for an average of 10 to 14 years. Of course, no one can know for certain how long their dog will be with them, but there are some things you can do to ensure a French Bulldog lifespan is around the expected number of years.

For a Frenchie to live as long as 14 years, as we would hope, expect that there are exceptions and ways to encourage a healthy and long life.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Frenchie

When looking to add a furry family member, it is important to do your research and put work into properly choosing the right pet. You can choose to adopt a French Bulldog or purchase one from a breeder. Both are good options for the perfect new pup.

Adopting a French Bulldog From a Shelter

Adopting dogs is rewarding and can be a better choice than purchasing a dog from a breeder. Here are some reasons why:

  • You save a life. The more dogs that are adopted, the number of dogs euthanized is decreased.
  • You will likely get a new happy family member. Most dogs up for adoption are there because of a human. Dogs up for adoption can be just as wonderful as a new dog from a breeder.
  • You save money. Many times, when you adopt a dog the cost is less because spay, neuter, and vaccine costs may be included.
  • You’re not supporting puppy mills. Adopting a dog means that you are definitely not giving business to a puppy mill.
  • Adopted dogs have so much love to give. While all dogs have a special love for humans, adopted dogs have been wanting and waiting to give their love and affection to a human who wants it.

Choosing the Right Shelter Dog

  • Use websites before visiting shelters. Since you are specifically looking for a Frenchie, you can search for Frenchies to adopt in your area. Pet adoption sites allow you to look for specific breeds and you can read more about each dog to help you narrow your choices down.
  • Visit the shelter often. Being around the shelter and different dogs can give you good insight and allow for you to get to know different dogs or see one dog more than once to ensure you’re choosing the right dog for your family.

Visiting the shelter more than once will also allow you to get an idea of their health. You should be able to tell a lot by observations and you can ask the shelter what they know about the dog’s medical history. Medical history is a playing factor in a French Bulldog lifespan.

  • Have a trainer go with you. A trainer can help you decide what dog is best for the needs of you and your family. A trainer knows what to look for when it comes to the dog’s body language, reactions, and more.

Purchasing a Frenchie From a Breeder

Some people would prefer to get their Frenchie from a breeder and that is okay, too. Getting a dog from a breeder means you know exactly what you are getting and where your dog is coming from.

There are some quality breeders out there if you do proper research and make sure to get your new pup from a breeder with good intentions.

Choosing the right breeder

  • Meet the breeder and observe how the breeder and dogs interact with one another. A good breeder should radiate compassion for the dogs and the dogs should appear comfortable and happy around the breeder.
  • Check out the environment. You want to select a dog that comes from a breeder who has a clean and safe environment. A longer life expectancy starts from the very beginning of a puppy’s life so it helps if a dog has been well taken care of from the beginning.
  • Ask questions. Be prepared with questions and a praiseworthy breeder should comfortably and patiently answer. They should also be very knowledgable about all things dog.
  • Ask for the dog’s medical history. A breeder who is reputable should know full well the medical history of your potential future Frenchie and knowing their medical history will also give a better idea of the dog’s life expectancy.

The French Bulldog Club of America, dedicated to the French Bulldog breed and more than 30-years old, is a great resource.

Tips for a Longer French Bulldog Lifespan

While the French Bulldog Lifespan can always vary and there are many determining factors, there are ways that pet owners can foster a long, happy, and healthy life for their Frenchie.

Provide a comfortable, safe space for your Frenchie

A relaxed dog experiences less stress and less stress increases life expectancy (just like humans). A quiet area that is also close to humans made comfortable with a bed and/or blanket and toys are best. Crate training is an excellent option for many dogs and owners.

Know about French Bulldog health issues.

Frenchies are known to have health issues including breathing, skin, and eye problems. Understanding what problems they can face, how to recognize them, and what to do about them can help increase the french bulldog life span.

Take your Frenchie regularly to the veterinarian.

While this should be a given, it is estimated that barely half of the dogs in the United States are regularly taken to the vet for an examination.

Because Frenchies are plagued with health issues they need to be taken to the vet more regularly than other breeds. A vet visit every six months, or so, is a good rule of thumb to ensure your dog is doing okay and if they aren’t, you can remedy the problem quicker. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Have regular walks and playtime with your Frenchie.

Walking and playing with your dog is a lot of fun and has a number of health benefits which increase life expectancy.

Regular movement together increases its exercise time, helps it to develop important social skills, allows you to build a trusting connection with one another, and can reduce your dog’s stress (and yours too).

Eat right

A French Bulldog lifespan is sure to be longer if it eats proper foods and has a balanced diet. There is a lot to know and many options when it comes to a proper diet for dogs. A healthy dog’s diet consists of protein, fat, fiber, and water.

Provide regular grooming

Grooming your dog is important for their cute appearance, of course, but it’s also a factor when it comes to the French Bulldog lifespan. Regular grooming of teeth, hair, nails, ears, and eyes allows you to be more aware of your dog’s physical health and take note of any bumps, sores, mats, or other issues. If you catch a problem sooner rather than later, you can take a trip to the vet to get your dog the care they need.

Give them lots of love!

A loved Frenchie is a happy Frenchie and the happier your dog is, the better their health is. A French Bulldog lifespan is longer when it shares love and affection with their human.

A Healthy, Long Life

In conclusion, while most Frenchies live for about 11 to 14 years, there’s no way of ever being certain of a specific French Bulldog life span. The only sure thing is that as long as you are the best pet parent you can be and make decisions that will benefit your dog, you can increase their life expectancy and ensure that the time they are with you is a happy time full of play, love, and care.