French Bulldog Puppy Guide for New Frenchie Parents: Part 1 – Preparation

So you have purchased a French bulldog puppy – or are in the process of getting one…a super decision! But there are many things that you will have to prepare and that you will have to take into account.

This French bulldog puppy guide will show you everything a new French Bulldog parent needs to know and prepare for.

PART 1 – Preparation

Before you bring your French bulldog puppy home, here are some preparation tips to keep in mind:

Prepare Your Home

Before your French bulldog puppy comes to your home, you must ensure that your home is safe for your new Frenchie puppy.

Just like babies, French bulldogs are particularly curious about the world around them and cannot distinguish between safe play vs. dangerous. For safety, you can, for example, purchase a stair gate. A stair gate is useful for keeping a puppy in a safe room when you need to be elsewhere. The best time to prepare your home is well before your puppy arrives.

Small objects

Just like small children, puppies seem to want to put everything in their mouths. Your French bulldog can swallow everything it encounters, and there are many materials that can lead to serious injuries or even death, such as paper clips, rubber bands, coins, jewelry, etc. Always put your waste bin behind closed doors.

Extension cords and sockets

Make sure that your french bulldog puppy cannot reach any cord. Also, cover sockets that you do not use.


One of the most common hazardous objects in a home is plants. It is best to place all your plants high enough that your puppy cannot reach them, also when crawling on furniture like a chair or couch. Even some vegetables are toxic to dogs. Tomato and spinach plants can make your dog sick or even kill him.


Medication and prescription drugs for people can also be very dangerous. Never give your dog drugs for people unless your vet prescribes them. Common painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, and aspirin can be deadly to dogs, as are antidepressants, dietary pills, and vitamins.

Preparing to Come Home With Your Puppy?

Here are some things you may need for a new Frenchie puppy:

Eating and Drinking

Your French bulldog needs shallow and narrow bowls to easily reach his food and not fall into the water when he drinks. You probably want bowls that don’t fall over and are easy to clean. Finally, you must clean them every day. Stainless steel is the best in that regard.

But you also have the choice between plastic and ceramics in all colors and shapes.

Dog bed

Baskets are available in various sizes and shapes.

  • Wicker baskets: These are not easy to clean, they are easy to chew, and pieces can be swallowed. However, the cracking of those baskets gives a reassuring feeling to a puppy. These beds/baskets also can look very nice in the home.
  • Plastic baskets: They are easy to clean but are chewable, so pieces can come loose and become dangerous for a puppy. Always put a pillow or blanket in it.
  • Soft beds or baskets: These beds are washable, chewable, soft, and comfortable. Overall, soft beds are a very popular choice, and dogs love them.


Should be washable, soft, without borders to chew or swallow, and to be placed on a thick layer of newspapers.


If your Frenchie accepts a collar and has no breathing problems, there is nothing wrong with a collar. Choose one that feels light and pleasant. Never leave the collar on constantly. The most important thing to look for when purchasing is that the collar fits well. If the collar is too large, your puppy can escape; if the collar is too tight, he will have difficulty breathing.


Can be used to fall asleep or for crate training. A crate is useful for the night or if the puppy stays home alone. It limits the freedom of movement of the puppy for its own safety as well as for potty training. Make sure there is a bed or a big pillow in it.


Make sure you have a stack of newspapers at your disposal because many will be needed for potty training. After a while, you can also move them outside so that the pup understands that he must do his “thing” outside. For a small dog such as the French bulldog, a litter box can be a useful tool if it is too cold to go outside or if you live in an apartment. 


Often a harness is recommended for a French bulldog because their windpipe is so small and vulnerable, and they are sensitive to developing a herniated disc in the neck. Many dogs also seem to find that a harness feels nice because the weight of a harness is distributed over a larger part of the body.


The leash for a French bulldog should be light. In addition, it must have a good length for the area where you and your French bulldog often walk. If you are tall, choose a slightly longer leash so that your French bulldog can enjoy a relaxing walk next to you.

A wide or braided belt is unsuitable for your French bulldog. Metal link chains are also far too heavy for your French bulldog.

Never use a slip chain; the neck of your French bulldog is much too small for that. 


Your French bulldog also needs a warm sweater against the cold. There are also waterproof rain jackets and boots for dogs that do not like to get wet when they have to do their needs outside.


Like children, French bulldogs need toys. There are chew toys to chew on and toys that squeak when he jumps on them.

Chewing is not a bad habit. It ensures that your dog’s teeth stay healthy and that the jaw muscles and teeth develop well. When your French bulldog is chewing on suitable objects, it helps prevent boredom, frustration, and stress. This is especially true for dogs that are alone on a daily basis. If you give chew toys, you also teach your puppy which items he can chew on and which ones he can’t.

Perhaps the biggest problem is finding small toys for your French bulldog. Cat toys can be suitable, provided they are very durable.

Don’t give your French bulldog bones. The splinters of bones can cause cuts in his mouth and puncture his intestines. Do not give children toys or plastic bottles.

So that’s it for PART 1 of the French bulldog puppy guide. In Part 2, we are going to talk about coming home with your cute French bulldog puppy.