20 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance for Your French Bulldog

Oftentimes, getting pet insurance is a forgotten part of being a new pet parent. Sometimes pet owners consider pet insurance, but the cost or time it takes to find the right one ends up resulting in never going through with getting it.

While getting a new Frenchie is full of excitement and work, getting pet insurance should be carefully considered.

Reason to Get French Bulldog Pet Insurance

Below is a list of several reasons why getting pet insurance is a good idea.

You want certainty

Having pet insurance allows you to be certain that if something happens to your dog, it will get the care it needs. Imagine if your beloved Frenchie has an accident or needs other emergency care, then you want to be able to go directly to the vet in an emergency and not worry about not being able to afford the care your dog will need. A dog insurance policy provides security in this sense.

You don’t have extra funds

Unfortunately, every dog can get sick, face a chronicle illness, or have an accident. Medical care for pets is just as expensive as it is for humans. Oftentimes, medical care can be thousands of dollars. People have health insurance to cover them when they don’t have extra money for medical care, and it works the same way with pet insurance.

A small amount each month is better than a large lump sum

Many people see pet insurance as a waste of money if it’s never used. While this is true, paying a monthly premium of usually 10 to 30 dollars can provide more peace of mind than the possibility of paying a large amount at once if your dog needs unexpected medical care.

If the average lifespan of French Bulldogs is 11 to 14 years and you pay 20 dollars per month for, say, 14 years, then that will cost you a total of 3,360 dollars. One expensive treatment alone could cost this amount.

Saving up for the care of your French Bulldog can take a lot of time and sacrifices

You can choose to put the money in a piggy bank every month instead of paying a premium. However, unless you have a very high income and low costs elsewhere, this could take quite some time and still not be enough for whatever health issue your Frenchie may face.

As an example: If your French Bulldog has an allergy (and many Frenchies do have allergies) that causes problems or has to undergo a major operation, amounts between 3000 and 4000 dollars are very normal. If you set aside 20 dollars per month into a piggy bank, you only have 480 dollars after two years or even just 1,200 after 5 years. From a financial point of view, you cannot compete with pet insurance.

You prefer to use your savings for other things

While you may have nice savings, many pet owners would prefer not to spend their savings on high medical costs. If you would rather spend your savings on the fun things in life, things that you cannot insure, pet insurance is a good route to take. In this case, if your dog urgently needs costly medical care, you have arranged your affairs and don’t have to sacrifice other plans.

You simply do not like risks

You truly never know when your dog will injure themselves or develop a serious illness. While paying a premium each month can sound like a waste of money, it very well may be worth it for peace of mind.

You think it is your responsibility to guarantee care for your dog for life

When becoming a pet owner, you are officially responsible for the happiness and well-being of your dog. Maybe you have enough money now, but things always change, and there’s no way to be sure of what your finances will be in five or ten years down the road.

It’s important to get pet insurance when your dog is a puppy, even if you are financially secure at that point because if you need it later down the road due to changes in finances and your Frenchie already has a pre-existing condition (which works the same as it does for people and insurance), the pet insurance will not cover any related care. Most pet insurance providers are very strict about this.

Your dog is still young, so the premium is lower

Again, getting pet insurance for your dog when they are a puppy means that you don’t have to worry about the insurance not covering pre-existing conditions.

Additionally, when you get pet insurance while your dog has no health issues, the premium is lower. The older your dog is, the higher the risk of medical interventions, and premiums are higher because of this.

Money should not play a role in life or death decisions

Many veterinarians report that dog owners sometimes decide to put their dogs to sleep because they simply do not have the money to save the dog. This is devastating for all who are involved, and when it comes down to it, pet insurance provides a certainty that you never have to make this difficult decision solely due to a lack of finances.

Spreading costs is more convenient

While you may have the funds to spend a large amount on medical care for your Frenchie if needed, it can require some life changes when you are forced to pay a large lump sum out of pocket, especially when it is unexpected. When you spread costs over time, it is more convenient.

A dog can also benefit from advanced medical care

Today, there is more and more advanced medical care (such as surgeries and cancer treatments). Advanced medical care allows for a more quality life and a longer life. Pet insurance provides an opportunity for advanced medical care if needed.

Visits to the vet are becoming more and more expensive

Because care for people and animals is getting better and becoming more innovative, higher quality and more complex treatments are possible for people and pets alike.

Because of this, veterinarians have more advanced equipment in-house and stay up to date with the latest medical developments. Unfortunately, pet owners have to contribute to these upgrades and this care with increased payments to the vet.

Healthy dogs face the chance of high medicals costs, too

Even if you have a perfectly purebred dog from the very best breeder, no pet is safe from unexpected accidents. Your dog can unexpectedly be injured at any given time. Depending on the severity, costs can be high. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Many costs are covered in the early years of your dog’s life

Getting a new furry family member can be pricy, from the costs of buying your Frenchie to food and much more. The costs of vaccinations, deworming cures, and routine puppy care in the early years of your dog’s life can add up. 

You know that your dog is getting older and that it entails risks

Nothing in life is certain, but as your dog gets older, the chance of chronic diseases is much higher than in humans. For example, a dog can get diabetes, and although it is easy to treat, the costs are high from the moment of diagnosis. By taking out a pet insurance policy as quickly and as early as possible, you can be prepared for your dog’s old age and the possible risks of extra costs.

Paying more than you need to is a good thing.

Insurance does not always deliver net on what the cost is. So, it’s not always a simple calculation. Insurances are there to offer us a certainty that we can pay if we face high costs.

If it ends up that you have paid more insurance premiums than you needed, then it can be looked at positively. The good news is that your dog has had a long, happy, and healthy life without the need for expensive medical procedures. At the end of the day, this is truly what we want and takes away from the possible frustration of paying for something seemingly “unnecessary.”

You know exactly which costs are and are not covered

Each policy states what is covered and what’s not. It is made entirely clear what costs an insurer does not, or only partially, reimburses. In fact, you can choose whether or not to include certain factors under the policy. This way, you make the decision of final costs and what you do or do not want to insure.

Your dog is a family member and deserves the best

For most, a dog is not just an animal. Your Frenchie is a member of your family and a loved child of yours. If your human family members deserve medical insurance for safety and security, so does your furry family member.

You have several dogs and face more possible risks

If you have several dogs, an investment in pet insurance is especially wise. With more dogs, you simply run more risk of running into the high costs of treatment. Suppose you have three dogs; premiums may seem high. If you’re paying 20 dollars per month for each dog and pay 720 dollars per year, this can be cheaper than health care for one injury or illness.

No one wants to have to worry about money during a crisis

A dog that is sick causes enough damage emotionally. When our furry family members are sick, most pet owners face a great deal of worry and stress. Without the added worry of money, you can fully focus on the health and recovery of your Frenchie.


As you can see, there are many valid reasons for investing in pet insurance for your French Bulldog. Life is full of unexpected events, and our pets are no exception to this. There are many pet insurance options out there to fit the needs of anyone and everyone. A few popular options for pet insurance are Healthy Paws, Figo, and Progressive.

Look into pet insurance and enjoy a life full of happy and healthy days with your Frenchie!