Are French Bulldogs Hyper? Your Questions Answered

We often think of French Bulldogs as laid-back dogs who love to cuddle and don’t require much else. If this isn’t the case with your Frenchie, you might be wondering why French Bulldogs are hyper and what can I do about it. 

There are a number of reasons your adorable fur baby is full of energy, and there is a number of tricks for getting it to calm down.

Are French Bulldogs Hyper as Puppies?

There is sometimes a misbelief that because Frenchies are small dogs who don’t need much exercise that they are not a hyper breed. But, as with any other puppy, French Bulldogs are quite hyperactive when they are young. What puppy doesn’t run around with excitement, looking for the next shoe to chew up and human to jump on? Not many! Frenchies are no exception, even though they have less energy than many other breeds.

Puppies who are new to the world have lots to see and learn. They are active and full of curiosity. For the first year or so, it might seem like your new puppy is really trying to test the limits. The good news is that this phase doesn’t last forever, and there are tolerable ways for you to help your pup release some energy inappropriate ways.

8 Reasons Your French Bulldog is Full of Energy

Is your dog grown, and you’re still wondering why are French Bulldogs hyper? Maybe your French Bulldog isn’t a puppy anymore, but you’re still seeing lots of energy. There are several reasons this may be. It’s important to get down to the bottom of it because Frenchies aren’t known to be very overactive, so there’s probably a fixable reason for it.

It’s bored

If your pup is often home alone with nothing to do but lie around, they will naturally get bored. Even though French Bulldogs have an easygoing demeanor, they can’t be expected to lie still all of the time. They need stimulation through human and other animal interactions, toys, and some exercise.

It’s anxious

Some French Bulldogs suffer from separation anxiety. If your dog is experiencing this, it feels distressed when you’re away and acts accordingly. You may notice excessive barking, destructive behaviors like chewing or tearing things up, and/or escaping an area they’re confined to. If your dog is experiencing this, it isn’t fun for them or their owner. However, there are lots of tips and tricks for relieving your Frenchie’s separation anxiety, including crate training and avoiding signals that show you are leaving.

It wants attention

French Bulldogs were bred to be companions, and they thrive off of attention. However, we all know life can get busy for humans, and finding time for additional tasks can feel impossible sometimes. As you make time to feed your Frenchie and take it outside for potty breaks, know that quality time is just as important. Pencil in some time each day to give your pup your undivided attention by going on a short walk, throwing a ball, or snuggling up. This really can make all the difference for them!

It needs exercise

It’s almost always a safe bet that if your French Bulldog is too hyper, it needs more exercise. Because the Frenchie breed has Brachycephalic Syndrome, a condition of obstructive breathing due to their short muzzle, they can’t exercise too much. However, 1-2 short walks a day and playtime indoors are needed in order to get their energy out.

It’s excited.

When dogs are put into an exciting situation, they often show their emotions through a burst of energy. Rather it is a new guest coming over, an adventure in the car, or the smell of a tasty treat, your Frenchie very well may run and jump around because it’s cheerful.

It’s hungry.

If you think about it, Frenchies have to find a way to communicate with their human. Sometimes this may mean they make a song and dance to let you know they need food.

Your French Bulldog may seem hyperactive when in reality, the food their eating isn’t satisfying their hunger, and they want you to know this. If you notice a burst of energy around mealtimes or when they see food, try changing up their kibble if they don’t often finish or giving them more if they typically gobble it down.

It’s still young.

Remember when we said when Frenchies enter the world, their exuberant and curious? It’s true! Just like young children seem to be all over the place getting to know this great big world, it’s the same for our pets. Exercise, attention, and proper food can help your pup find times of calm, but it’s important to remember that your Frenchie will be full of excitement, especially for the first part of their life.

It needs a friend.

As mentioned, two needs of your French Bulldog are exercise and attention. If you’re providing these two as much as you can and your pup still seems overly energetic and excited, especially when they see you, it may be expressing that it needs a companion. This mate could be another dog or another human.

If you think another fur child is in the cards, you could look into giving your Frenchie a sibling. This would give it a playmate when you’re not around. Keep in mind that some dogs don’t want to share their owner’s attention and may not get along with a sibling, so consider this. You could first see how your Frenchie does with other dogs and you could look into having the two pooches meet once you find a potential new dog.

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If another furry family member isn’t an option, that’s okay! What about another human companion? You could look into a dog walker or sitter to give your Frenchie another person to get love and attention from. Apps such as Rover and Wag provide the convenience of finding someone for this job in your area.

Tips for Calming Your Hyper French Bulldog Down

Are French Bulldogs hyper? Now that you know the answer, let’s get more answers.

Ways to calm a Frenchie down:


French Bulldogs should not go on very long walks because of their disposition to breathing issues, but short walks and play sessions can work wonders for a hyperactive dog. Since Frenchies don’t typically have an overflow of energy to burn, just a bit of exercise will usually wear them out and get them nice and ready to curl up and take a long nap.

Not only does exercise keep their energy at an appropriate level, but it provides health benefits such as a reduced risk of obesity, healthy joints, and proper bowel functions.

Create Routine

You may find that, in many ways, dogs are like humans. Having a routine to provide comfort is one of those similarities. A routine can provide your Frenchie with the security of knowing what’s coming next and, in turn, will calm their nerves.

How about a simple routine like this?

Morning: potty break, breakfast, walk

During the Day: lounge and gnaw on bones

Afternoon: walk and play a game of fetch

Evening: cuddle with humans, eat dinner, potty break

Show Calmness

A lot of times, dogs respond to the vibe of the environment and people around them. If you are laid-back, your dog will feel this energy and alter theirs accordingly. Of course, this won’t always be the magic trick, but it will never hurt.

Provide Toys and Puzzles

Frenchies are quite easy to please, and usually, a few toys will get them to lie down and be entertained for a while. Puzzle toys like the one below can put your pup’s brain to work. Some mental stimulation from time to time is great for fostering critical thinking skills as well.

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Not only do training sessions tire your pup out, but teaching your French Bulldog impulse control can encourage calmness. You can teach your pup to sit when greeting someone, wait for their food bowl, and leave a toy until commanded to get it.

Ignore it

If you’ve tried it all and your pup still has lots of energy, especially when they are simply excited about something, ignoring it is sometimes the answer. This shows your Frenchie that you aren’t going to respond to them, and hopefully, it’ll realize it’s wasting time and energy.

Have Puppy Playdates

If your Frenchie is around humans a lot, surely it loves that. French Bulldogs thrive off of human interaction. But they may also need some time with furry friends. Follow these simple steps to train your pup to get along with and have fun with other dogs.

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Different Food

If your dog’s belly isn’t being satisfied, it may express energy overload because it’s trying to express to you that it’s hungry. If you notice that your Frenchie isn’t interested in its food or isn’t finishing meals, try changing it up.

Positive Reinforcement

Praise goes a long way! When your pup participates in laid-back activities like cuddling or calmly playing, reinforce this behavior with compliments and treats. If your Frenchie is hyper and it follows a command to lie or sit down, provide praise.

Final Thoughts

Now you have the answer to ‘are French Bulldogs hyper? Yes, they can be hyper, and this is a normal response to age, a lack of exercise, or a need for attention or a companion. Dealing with an overactive dog can be exhausting, but as long as you do your part as a pet owner, you should be able to foster calmness.

If you’ve tried it all, don’t fret. There could always be an issue you’re unaware of, and that’s why we have vets to provide their expertise when needed.