Can a French bulldog eat eggs?

Can a French bulldog eat eggs?

Can a French bulldog eat eggs?

β€˜An egg today is better than a hen tomorrow’ a remark that Benjamin Franklin made. But is an egg also good for your French bulldog or puppy? Do they get sick from eating eggs? Is it harmful or even fatal if your four-legged friend has eaten an egg? It will not be the first time that a vet is called about this question. You will find the answer to these questions below.

can a french bulldog eat eggs


It is often told to dog owners that eggs are good for the dog’s coat. However, if you provide your dog or puppy with proper food, giving an egg has no added value. If you really want the coat of your Frenchie to shine, you should rub the raw egg yolk in his coat. But the question remains of course whether you and your Frenchie really like that.

Should you give your French bulldog a boiled egg or a raw egg?

A raw egg is easier to digest than a boiled egg. When the protein is solidified when it is cooked, it causes allergic reactions faster. Some dogs like to eat a raw egg whole and really find it a treat. You can also mix the raw egg with the skin in the dog’s food. When you give a boiled egg to your French bulldog, give it without the skin. The skin changes structure during cooking. This can cause problems afterward. The changed structure of the skin can make it more difficult to digest.

Nutrients in an egg

Eggs contain a combination of essential nutrients. An egg contains nine nutrients these nutrients are:

  • proteins
  • iron
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • phosphorus
  • vitamins A, D, B2, and B12

Insurance for your dog

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Is eating eggs dangerous for a French bulldog?

Eggs can be harder to digest for very young puppies, sick or old dogs. Often giving uncooked eggs can eventually cause vitamin deficiency. An abundance of raw eggs can cause an amino acid deficiency in your French bulldog. Never give vitamins to your dog that are suitable for human use.

Do I have to go to a vet when my Frenchie ​​has eaten eggs?

Proponents of having a dog eat raw eggs say that giving an egg about twice a week is good for French bulldogs. There are also vets who are opponents of this. Because a vitamin deficiency can eventually arise from feeding raw eggs. My advice is before feeding your French bulldog eggs, first ask the vet if this is good for your adult Frenchie or growing puppy.

So the answer to the question ‘can a french bulldog eat eggs?’ is YES, but to be safe first ask your vet.

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