Can French Bulldogs Eat Eggs?

‘An egg today is better than a hen tomorrow’ – a thought of Benjamin Franklin. But, can dogs eat eggs? The short answer is: sometimes.

You may be wondering if your Frenchie can eat eggs, if they will get sick, and if it’s harmful. You’ll find this out and other important stuff, too.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Eggs? A Myth Busted

It is often said that eggs are good for the dog’s coat. However, if you provide your dog or puppy with proper food, giving an egg has no added value.

If you want the coat of your Frenchie to shine, you won’t actually feed eggs to your dog. In fact, this goal would be achieved by rubbing raw egg yolk into your dog’s coat. But, this is not crucial to shiny fur and is likely not a fun task.

Dog foods and supplements can do this trick is a less messy way.

The Harm in Dogs Eating Eggs

While eggs are not necessarily dangerous for dogs to eat, they can be hard to digest for some dogs. Young, sick, or old dogs may not be able to easily digest eggs.

Additionally, long time consumption of uncooked eggs can eventually obesity given that each egg contains about 70 calories.

Can Dogs Eat Eggs That are Raw?

The safe answer to this is no.

Many think this may be okay since a raw egg is easy to digest and does provide various amino acids. While this may be true, there are risks in eating raw eggs.

Not only does eating raw eggs lead to possible salmonella, but eggs can also grow bacteria over time that your dog could consume if they eat an egg that is of any length of age.

While some foods do lose their nutrients when cooked, eggs are still a healthy food for your dog after cooked.

Can Dogs Eat Eggs That are Cooked?

Now that we know raw eggs are not a good option for your Frenchie, let’s talk about cooked eggs. It is definitely okay to provide your dog with cooked eggs on occasion.

Poached, boiled, and scrambled eggs are all acceptable, but scrambled may be the least desirable way to serve up eggs to your French Bulldog. This is because scrambled eggs are usually prepared with butter or oil, which your dog should not consume.

The best way to serve eggs to your dog is poached or boiled since you are simply using water to cook the eggs. Be sure not to add salt or pepper. This means that serving your dog a bite of your prepared eggs for breakfast is probably not best.

How Often?

So, yes, eggs are nutritious for your Frenchie. However, don’t serve too many. Again, eggs can cause obesity. An egg typically has about 70 calories.

It’s safe to consider an egg a “treat” and follow the 10% rule where your dog only consumes 10% of its daily calories through treats.

With that said, you can boil an egg and give pieces as a treat or poach an egg and give a small amount on top of food. Don’t use the egg as a meal replacement.

Nutrients in an Egg

Eggs can be a healthy treat for your Frenchie as they contain a combination of essential nutrients. An egg contains the following nine nutrients:

  • proteins
  • iron
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • phosphorus
  • vitamins A, D, B2, and B12

How Will I Know if my Dog is Having a Bad Reaction?

There are lots of different foods for dogs and all dogs can react differently. The same goes for a dog’s reaction to eggs. While cooked eggs are generally safe, your Frenchie may not agree with eggs.

You may see the following symptoms if you give an egg to your dog whose stomach disagrees with it:

  • Itchy skin
  • Red, inflamed skin
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Coughing or wheezing

If you notice a bad reaction, contact your vet immediately.

Other “Human” Foods

If dogs could talk, they’d probably say human foods are the best treats. And, that’s okay because many foods we eat are a tasty and good treat to give your Frenchie.

Do you wonder if apples or cheese are okay dog treats? Being informed is always best to ensure your pup is not only happy but healthy, too!