Why Do French Bulldogs Fart So Much? Causes & Solutions

french bulldog fart

Flatulence in French Bulldogs can be quite annoying. If you have a Frenchie, you may be wondering why French Bulldog farts are so often and smelly.; It may not be the most pleasant topic, but there is some valuable information about why this happens so often and what to do about it. Why Do French … Read more

8 winter tips for your French Bulld...
8 winter tips for your French Bulldog

French Bulldog Food Allergies: Tips, Symptoms, & Diagnosis

French Bulldog eating food

As do many dogs (and people), French Bulldogs can suffer from food allergies. The good news is that with knowledge of symptoms and a proper diagnosis, helping your pup with food allergies can be stress-free. French Bulldog Food Allergies Versus Food Intolerance While both food allergies and a food intolerance have a negative effect on … Read more

French Bulldog Weight: Here’s What You Need to Know

french bulldog weight

Your pet’s weight is important because it is a key component of their health. Knowing about French Bulldogs’ weight will help you when it comes to your pup’s weight and health. Frenchies already have a predisposition to several health issues, including breathing, so we want to do everything we can as their owner to keep … Read more