French Bulldog Weight: Here’s What You Need to Know

Your pet’s weight is important because it is a key component of their health. Knowing about French Bulldogs’ weight will help you when it comes to your pup’s weight and health.

Frenchies already have a predisposition to several health issues, including breathing, so we want to do everything we can as their owner to keep their weight in check.

French Bulldog Growth Chart (By Age)
French Bulldog Growth Chart (By Age)

Ideal French Bulldogs Weight

The ideal weight for a male Frenchie has been determined to be between 20 – 28 pounds (9 – 13 kilograms) and that the ideal weight for a female is between 18 – 26 pounds (8 – 12 kilograms).

French Bulldog puppies, at nine weeks old, typically weigh around 4 to 5 pounds or 2 to 3 kilos. Of course, this will depend from puppy to puppy.

It is important to keep track of the weight of your puppy. Of course, you want your Frenchie puppy to be gaining weight at a healthy rate. If you notice that your new pup loses weight, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

Maintaining a Dog’s Weight and Its Importance

We all know about the dangers of obesity in humans. This applies to our furry friends, too. French Bulldogs’ weight should be maintained for quality health.

Being overweight can damage the joints and hinder the proper functioning of other organs in the body.

Additionally, due to the shape of their heads and flat noses, many French Bulldogs have problems with their breathing. Being overweight will only contribute to these problems, which will make it very difficult for your French Bulldog to breathe.

French Bulldogs like to play and will happily spend a lot of their time on different activities. But, since they have fairly moderate energy levels and some difficulty with breathing, weight should be maintained through activity but not too much. You can help your pup maintain their weight by going on daily short walks or regular playtime. Keep in mind that if you live in a hot climate, morning or late afternoon exercise is best.

Determine if Your French Bulldog is Overweight

The following will help you determine if your French Bulldogs’ weight is healthy or if it’s time for some added health and fitness.

  • Stand over your pup and feel their rib area. You should be able to feel their ribs but not see them.
  • Their shape should be more like an hour-glass and less like an oval.
  • Your pup should be able to exercise for at least a short amount of time without showing too many breathing issues. Remember, Frenchies are predisposed to breathing issues so too much exercise time can show this even if they are at a healthy weight.
  • As cute as a Frenchie’s fat rolls might be, this likely indicates your dog is overweight.

Of course, consulting a vet a second and professional opinion is a great option for determining if your Frenchie’s weight is just fine or needs to be addressed.

Possible Health Issues as a Result of Being Overweight

Learning that your Frenchie is overweight can be a bit overwhelming, but there are sure ways to get their weight under control. It’s vital to do this because there are several health issues that can result from your dog being overweight that include the following.

  • Arthritis and other joint issues
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • diabetes

Helping Your French Bulldog Lose Weight

If you’ve determined that your French Bulldogs’ weight is not where it should, this can be fixed!

  • Diet: There are specialized dog foods that contain the necessary nutrients in the right quantities. As always, when it comes to dog food, do you research. Look at ingredients and read reviews to see what foods worked for other dogs’ weight loss. Do keep in mind that what works for one dog may not always work for another.

Check out these healthy food options: Hill’s Prescription Weight Management Diet or Natural Balance Low-Calorie Food, and so many more options out there.

  • Homemade Food: You can also prepare food at home (combo of grains, veggies, and protein) to ensure that there are no unnecessary added ingredients. Fresh food also has a higher nutritional value. More on food for your Frenchie here.
  • No table food: Never give your French bulldog any leftovers. Not only do we not want to encourage our dogs to bed, but table food is not a healthy option for our overweight furry family members due to fats and sugars.
  • Healthy treats: Our pups love a treat time and definitely deserve them. However, a lot of store-bought treats are not healthy, especially when trying to tackle your French Bulldogs’ weight.

Natural treats such as apple slices, carrots, and watermelon (remove seeds) healthy and tasty for your Frenchie. Limited ingredient treats like this one from the store are also a more healthy option. 

  • Exercise: Again, take it slow with your Frenchie, but short daily walks or play sessions are very beneficial when it comes to helping your dog get back to a healthy weight.

In Conclusion

A fluffy Frenchie may seem extra cuddly and cute, but it’s important to make sure your French Bulldog’s weight is favorable to allow them to have a long and healthy life. With a combination of healthy eating and exercise, your pup should be well on it’s way to optimal health.