6 Reason Why French Bulldogs Are Perfect Apartment Dogs

One question many apartment-living dog lovers face is what good apartment dogs are out there and if apartment living is even okay when a furry family member is involved. 

Many people feel like the space in an apartment may be too small for comfort or that dog owners should provide their dogs with a lot of outdoor space.  While these things can be true for some dogs, it isn’t necessarily true for all dogs.

There are many good apartment dogs out there, and a French Bulldog is a top-notch one!  There’s a reason why Frenchies can be called the unofficial New York City pet.

If you are living in an apartment and you are ready to become a doggy parent, French Bulldogs are really good apartment dogs to have.  If you already have a Frenchie and are looking to move into an apartment, not to worry because your dog will do great as an apartment resident.

6 Reasons Why French Bulldogs are Perfect Apartment Dogs

Below, you will find five top reasons why French Bulldogs are good apartment dogs.

1. Their Size

This might be obvious, but small dog breeds make the perfect apartment inhabitants.  French Bulldogs are small and don’t weigh that much.  The average Frenchie’s weight is around 20 pounds, give or take.

Because French Bulldogs are a small build, they don’t take up much space, and they don’t make a lot of noise when moving around.  Your downstairs neighbors will thank you for owning an adorable, small Frenchie.

If you’re Frenchie is crate-trained, it should be fairly easy to find a perfect spot for their safe space since their crate is likely to compact.

2. Their Activity Level

Another reason French Bulldogs are good apartment dogs is that they are a low-energy breed, and you won’t feel inconvenienced by going on many walks. 

Apartment living means no yard.  Because of this, having an energetic dog in an apartment is not ideal.  However, French Bulldogs can easily go on one short walk a day, and it’s perfectly fine. 

Oftentimes, apartments have dog parks. It is very nice to have a dog park so close by that you can walk to as much as you and your Frenchie would like.

A cozy apartment can easily be the perfect home for you and your French Bulldog.

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3. They Love the Indoors

French Bulldogs are much more happy and healthy being indoor dogs. Their common breathing issues require them to be inside more than outside in a yard.  A Frenchie is more than happy to play with chew or squeak toys indoors and cuddle on the couch.

Their inside playtime is typically calm and quiet as they aren’t growlers or barkers and usually just give a nudge to show their playfulness. Their small size and small toys take up minimal space to play inside an apartment.

In addition to breathing issues, a lot of French Bulldogs also have allergies, including an allergy to grass. This is another reassuring reason that they are good apartment dogs.

4. They’re Well-Mannered

French Bulldogs usually display well-mannered, quiet behavior.  They don’t bark a lot which is a key component of good apartment dogs.  If a Frenchie barks, there is usually a reason why, and they’re doing their job as a protector. 

A French Bulldog is known to be charming and adapting.  Whether you’re getting a new Frenchie or relocating with one you already have, their natural temperament should make apartment life fairly simple.

Good apartment dogs really should like people because you will often see others going in and out, parking their cars, and walking by. This also goes for their approval of other pets considering apartment complexes usually have several pets. The good news is that Frenchies usually respond well to others and love everyone they meet. 

5. Their Short Coat 

It’s true that a French Bulldog does shed quite a lot about two times a year, around Fall and Spring, when they lose their undercoat.  However, they are easy to groom, and their hair is also very easy to clean since their coat is so short.

If you brush your dog daily, preferably on your trip outside, there will be much less cleaning inside.  This also helps them keep a nice shiny coat. Be sure to use the time you take to groom them to check for any skin issues.  Quick notice of any health issues means a quicker solution.

If your French Bulldog does have excessive shedding that seems more than normal for its breed, you could try providing a skin and coat supplement.

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6. They Are Usually Allowed

One issue with dog lovers and apartment living is that most apartments that you rent have restrictions when it comes to pets.  Many apartments won’t allow certain breeds, including Pitbulls, Terriers, Dobermans, and Rottweillers.  They also don’t often accept residents with dogs over 55 pounds. 

Frenchies are never on the list of a restricted breed or weight limit, so you can rest assured that you will be allowed to live with your French Bulldog in any apartment that allows dogs.

Traits to Look For in Your Apartment Frenchie

As you’ve read, Frenchies are definitely good apartment dogs.  Most of them will be great living in an apartment.  If you want to feel confident that apartment living will be okay for your dog or a French Bulldog you’re considering adopting, look for these traits:

  • low energy
  • doesn’t bark much
  • small (they all are, though)
  • easily adaptable
  • friendly to strangers and other pets.

In Conclusion

Dog lovers who live in apartments are in luck!  French Bulldogs are certainly good apartment dogs, as we now know.  They’re small, not too active, love being inside, are relatively calm, don’t shed too much, and apartments allow them.  There’s no reason to think that living in a small space means no furry family members are allowed. Enjoy your next living space with your adorable Frenchie!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons that make French Bulldogs good apartment dogs?

French Bulldogs are small in size, which means they don’t take up much space and don’t make a lot of noise. They are also low-energy breeds, which means they don’t require a lot of walks. They are also indoor-loving dogs, and their short coat is easy to groom and clean. They are also well-mannered and don’t bark a lot, which makes them suitable for apartment living.

Can French Bulldogs adapt to apartment living?

French Bulldogs can adapt to apartment living quite easily. They are known to be charming and adapting, and their natural temperament should make apartment life fairly simple.

Are French Bulldogs suitable for people who live in apartments and have no yard?

French Bulldogs are suitable for people who live in apartments and have no yard. They are low-energy breeds, which means they don’t require a lot of walks, and they are indoor-loving dogs, which means they don’t need a lot of outdoor space.

How can I keep my French Bulldog’s coat clean and groomed in an apartment?

To keep your French Bulldog’s coat clean and groomed in an apartment, you can brush your dog daily, preferably on your trip outside. This will help reduce shedding and keep their coat shiny. You can also use a shedding tool to remove loose hair.

How can I keep my French Bulldog entertained and mentally stimulated in an apartment?

To keep your French Bulldog entertained and mentally stimulated in an apartment, you can provide them with interactive toys such as puzzle feeders and keep them engaged in mentally stimulating activities such as training and obedience classes. You can also provide them with plenty of exercise and playtime inside the apartment.