5 reasons French Bulldogs are perfect to live in an apartment

Here are 5 reasons French Bulldogs are perfect to live in apartments

If you are living in an apartment and you want to get a cute French Bulldog pup, or you already own a Frenchie and you are considering moving to an apartment, you are probably wondering Can french bulldogs live in apartments?

The short answer is YES! For the long answer let me explain why they are perfect for living in an apartment.

French Bulldog appartment

1) They are small and don’t weigh that much.

This might be obvious but small dog breeds make the perfect apartment inhabitants. Because Frencies are small build they don’t take up much space, and your downstairs neighbors will thank you for owning a cute little Frenchie and not something like a Rottweiler 🙂

French Bulldogs are also quite reserved, they don’t jump on you or others begging to give them attention, another great trait when you live in an apartment.

2) They don’t require more than 1 walk a day.

As you may know, I also have a cute Frenchie and I really need to encourage her to go out to do her “thing”. If it was up to her she wouldn’t leave the couch for the entire day. Even though we have a big backyard she would rather sleep all day on her beloved corner of the couch.

French Bulldogs are a low energy breed, so they don’t want or need you to take them on several long walks every day.

So if you live in an apartment and the weather is really bad or you work long hours, you can get away with 1 walk a day for your French Bulldog.

It is recommended to keep your Frenchie in a cool, comfortable surrounding. They are susceptible to heat exhaustion and prefer an air-conditioned environment. A French Bulldog is not a dog who can stay outside on a hot day, so an apartment is ideal for them.

3) But although they are a low energy breed they do love to play indoors.

Frenchies just love to play with things like a ball and squeaky toys. This makes them ideal for living in an apartment. They don’t need a lot of space to go all crazy with a ball and other toys.

French Bulldogs are perfect to live in apartments

When they play they aren’t attracting attention to themselves or growl and bark, rather they come to you and nudge you with their paw.

They also don’t really need a garden, in fact, many Frenchies suffer from grass allergy,  I know mine does. When she walks and plays in the grass her paws get infected between her tows up to the point that she bleeds and needs a shot of antibiotics.

So it is often better and safer for them to play indoors.

4) They are well mannered.

French Bulldogs often display very well mannered behavior. They don’t bark a lot which makes them perfect for living in an apartment. If they do bark you should really go check it out because usually they only bark when there is something wrong or they see a stranger in or around their territory. They are charming and adapt very well, so bringing one into your apartment is not a problem.

They also respond well to others and love everyone they meet, which is ideal when you live in an apartment where they see people on their way out for a walk, and they also love anyone willing to play with them or pet them.

5) They have a very short coat.

French Bulldogs do shed quite a lot, about 2 times a year when they lose their undercoat, but due to their short coat, they are easy to groom and the hairs are also very easy to clean.

They shed around spring and fall. When mine sheds it’s usually a lot the first week and then it lessens, and although everywhere she lays down, she leaves a lot of hair, a quick sweep with the vacuum and all the hair is gone.

French Bulldog shiny coat

It is recommended to comb a few times a day, this way you will have less cleaning work.

When you groom them regularly they keep a nice shiny coat. It is advised to check your Frenchie’s skin while you’re grooming him to search for skin lesions and spots because they are known for having skin issues. They are perfectly treatable if you discover it sooner rather then later.

By regularly grooming your Frenchie you can reduce the risk of skin issues and also reduce shedding. If your French Bulldog has excessive shedding you could look into changing his food, but that’s a complete topic on its own, and I will write an extensive article about that so be on the lookout for that.

Do French Bulldogs need a cut?

A question I get a lot from readers is “does my Frenchie need a cut?” No, they don’t need a cut. Because French Bulldogs don’t shed a lot during the year, they don’t need their coat cut because it wouldn’t make a difference. They have a naturally short coat that doesn’t lend itself to cutting. So save your money and instead give them a weekly groom and you’re good to go.

They do love a coat when it’s chilly outside because they have an exposed belly and tend to suffer a lot from cold weather and winter conditions. Below are some really lovely coats for your Frenchie.


So to sum it all up, French Bulldogs are perfect for living in an apartment because they are a small breed that isn’t very active and doesn’t need a garden to play and run around in all day. They are a well-mannered breed that doesn’t bark too much and they have a short coat that is easy to clean and they only shed 2 times a year.

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