French Bulldog Shedding Guide: Everything You Should Know

French Bulldogs are endearing, family-friendly, and loyal pooches adored by so many. The Frenchie breed was actually voted the number four most popular dog breed in 2020 by the American Kennel Club. While there’s so much to love about Frenchies, French Bulldog shedding isn’t always so fun. Fortunately, knowing the causes, great products that help control it, and what to do about excess shedding can make it more than manageable.

Do French Bulldogs Shed?

The short answer is yes, French Bulldogs do shed. The fact of the matter is that all dogs can shed to an extent, including dogs that are labeled hypoallergenic even if the shedding is very little. At the very least, all breeds shed their old or damaged hair.

French Bulldog Shedding Guide: Everything You Should Know

French Bulldog shedding is minimal and they typically lose their undercoat twice a year. In the summer, like most dogs, Frenchies shed their undercoat to keep them from overheating. In the winter, they shed their summer undercoat to grow a coat that is thicker in order to stay warm.

The good news: Frenchies have very short, fine hair and don’t have that much hair to lose and spread all over your home and clothes. It also helps that the French Bulldog size is small leaving a lot less fur than many other dogs. For even less shedding, check out the mini Frenchie breeds!

Causes of French Bulldog Shedding

While a French Bulldog shedding is never unbearable, some shed more than others. Several factors play into the amount of French Bulldog shedding including age, weather, diet, and genes.


Young dogs are known to go through a puppy shedding phase where they lose their puppy coat at around four to six months old. On the other hand, it could be said that adult dogs shed more due to being bigger and having more surface area of hair. Either way, Frenchies are small dogs even in adulthood so this means they shed less overall than bigger breeds.


As mentioned, French Bulldog shedding usually happens in the Summer and Winter seasons. They escape some summer heat by losing their undercoat, then they lose their summer undercoat to grow a thicker coat for the winter. In mild temperatures, shedding is at a low for Frenchies.


We are what we eat and this applies to our pets! The healthier a diet, the healthier the dog. A balanced diet provides nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain healthy, strong hair follicles that don’t break off and result in excess shedding.

Omega-3 fatty acids are especially known to promote healthy hair growth. A diet with fluids is also crucial because dehydrated skin can cause hair loss.


As with many dog traits, genes affect French Bulldog shedding. The MC5R-gene affects how much your Frenchie will shed. This gene is expressed in the hair follicle glands that create sebum, an oily substance that provides moisture for the skin. There are two forms of this gene, the G-variant and the A-variant. Dogs that carry the G-variant shed a lot. Luckily, unless you like hair everywhere, Frenchies are not one of these!

Keep French Bulldog Shedding Under Control

Even though Frenchies don’t shed excessively, finding pieces of hair everywhere isn’t ideal. Several tricks can help with this. Not to mention, all of the following ideas for keeping French Bulldog shedding under control are simple things we should do anyway to care for our fur child.

Bath Time and Shampoo Use

Frenchies are one of the cutest dogs out there and regular bathtime not only keeps them looking nice, but it helps with shedding as it loosens and removes hairs that are ready to shed.

If your French Bulldog has healthy skin and doesn’t get too dirty outside, four baths a year is probably all it needs. Of course, it is perfectly okay to have an extra bath here and there if your dog goes on an outdoor adventure and gets soiled or has a light-colored coat.

Choosing the right shampoo is also important since Frenchies are known to have dry skin. There are many options made especially for dry skin. We recommend the Wahl Dry Skin and Itch Relief Shampoo.

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Check out out full guide on bathing your French Bulldog.

Regular Brushing

Brushing your Frenchie often provides several benefits including removing dirt from their fur, distributing natural oils, and getting rid of dead skin. The best part, regular brushing gets rid of loose hairs that will otherwise collect on your clothes, furniture, and floors.

*Special tip: encourage your pup to enjoy regular hair brushing sessions by offering treats. Using a brush with fine bristles makes it more comfortable for your dog and some options like the Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush has a one-click clean button.

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A Good Diet

As mentioned above, diets affect shedding. The higher-quality food your dog is enjoying, the better coat they have. Eating dog food that’s rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will result in fur that’s strong and healthy. The Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach is a great choice.

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Shedding Supplements

Along with a high-quality diet, fish oil supplements that can also offer these ingredients are very helpful when it comes to shedding. Not only does fish oil provide benefits for skin and coats, but it also aids in strong joints and bones.


Something many dog owners don’t realize is that water is one of, if not the, most important parts of their diet. Canines should generally consume an ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. If your Frenchie weighs 20 pounds, they should drink 20 ounces (or 2.5 cups) per day.

Dehydrated skin is a huge cause of hair loss and can increase the amount of loose dog hair you may find around your home. If you’re having trouble getting your pup to drink an appropriate amount of water, here are some tips:

  • Regularly clean their water bowl and refill with fresh water.
  • Add water into their food.
  • Offer ice cubes.
  • Provide a treat and praise when they drink.
  • Place their water bowl near their bed or an area they often relax in.

Help with Shedding in the Home

We can love our pets but not love their hair everywhere. While the tips and tricks above will minimize French Bulldog shedding, there’s still a chance you’ll see some hairs shed during the peak seasons of summer and winter. The good news is that there are ways to manage French Bulldog shedding around our home.

Have Them Sleep in Their Own Bed

One of the best parts of having a Frenchie is their love for human attention and cuddle time. However, having dog hair on our furniture isn’t so ideal. French Bulldog shedding all over your living space can be controlled by providing your pooch with their own cozy bed that they’ll love to lounge in.

Use a Slipcover

If you just can’t resist having your Frenchie snuggle up on the couch with you, a slipcover can be a lifesaver. A simple slipcover to go right over your sofa makes it simple to take on and off for regular washing.

Pet Hair Removal Broom

Investing in a special pet hair removal broom can be a game-changer! It makes cleaning little hairs off the floor, and even the carpet, so much easier. A unique broom like this means no more worrying about tiny hairs flying everywhere or staying in a regular broom’s bristles.

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Help with Shedding in the Car

Another plus to owning a Frenchie is that they’re great dogs to travel with because they’re small and usually adapt fairly well. However, many pet owners avoid trips with their pets who shed to avoid the mess of hair all over the car. Like with your home, there are ways to control shedding in your vehicle.

Brush Your Frenchie Before a Trip

A quick fix for French Bulldog shedding all over your car would be to give them a good brush right before a trip. This will remove all loose hairs that would otherwise spread all over your car.

Travel Crate

Not only does a travel crate keep your Frenchie’s shedding in one place, but a crate can also be a cozy spot that provides security for your dog. To encourage your pup to love their special car crate, make it a homey area with a bed or blanket and some toys. And, of course, treats always help!

Rubber Pet Hair Brush

Right after trips with your pooch, use a rubber pet hair removal brush to quickly and easily get hairs up. 

Reasons for Excessive French Bulldog Shedding and What to Do

If your French Bulldog’s shedding seems to be moderate to high and you can’t control it, they may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Here are some reasons why French Bulldog shedding is excessive and what to do about it.

  • Allergies: If your dog is allergic to something including medication, shampoo, or something in the environment (like a household cleaning product), they may react by shedding. The process of elimination could determine what the culprit is.
  • Sunburn: Since Frenchies have such a thin coat, they are very susceptible to sunburn. Since sunburn can dry out their skin, this could result in shedding. Applying a cold compress to your dog’s sunburn can relieve the pain, but you should contact your vet to discuss if medical treatment such as antibiotics is needed.
  • Nutrition: As discussed, food is very important. Diets that lack omegas and water can result in skin problems that lead to shedding. Incorporate food that includes omega and provides your Frenchie with plenty of water.
  • Infection: Fungal or bacterial infections, like ringworms, can cause more shedding than usual. A vet can provide a treatment plan that will get rid of your pup’s infection.
  • Stress: When a situation changes, like a new home, a dog can get stressed out and have an emotional reaction. A Frenchie can respond physiologically to a stressful situation by shedding their hair. Extra love and supplements can be exactly what your pup needs.

Contact your vet if you notice skin irritation (redness, bumps, rashes), open sores, bald spots, scratching, or foot licking.

Bye, Bye Hair!

Okay, so some dog hair is an inevitable part of being a dog parent but knowing why French Bulldog shedding happens, ways to control it, and reasons for excess shedding can allow us to deal with it appropriately.

While shedding can be a pain to deal with, the joyful companionship a French Bulldog has to offer us definitely makes a little hair worth it!